Pausing the Day Of Mourning in support of Christine Holgate

There has been calls from Licensees to close our LPOs for a day of mourning at the possible loss of the CEO Christine Holgate.

While LPOG is fully supportive of action to raise our voice, we have long resisted the call for strike, or closing our doors, throughout our years of lobbying for improved payments because it will cost us to close, and it is our customers who are ultimately impacted. 

This situation is quite different from a protracted payment dispute, having far more urgency to the need for action, but ultimately, it will have the same impact on our customers and our communities if we choose to close our doors in protest.

Our EGM Nicole Sheffield has assured us that the viability of our businesses will continue to be considered in management decisions going forward, with or without Christine Holgate. Nicole Sheffield has been an outstanding success for the retail side of the business and she knows how important our survival is to us. So we have to trust that she will have our backs in this. She has been a power house for us in our payments, and business over all.

We have also received an email from Christine who very much appreciates our support, and said 

Thank you enormously for your support, but Please Stay Open

So when the 2 people who have made such a difference to our outcomes since they have been in the job, ask us to stay open in support of the customers and our Brand it seems we should listen to that for the time being. 

We can hope good judgement prevails, and this nonsense is over.

We will revisit action if that does not happen.