POAAL Reponds!

They have really outdone themselves this time. A mammoth effort on behalf of Licensees! Simply astonishing in almost every word on both pages. Maybe we need to send them a dictionary so they can look up words like integrity.

POAAL ACCC authorisation 30-05-17.pdf

Consider this post - did POAAL really lock our payments in to the agreement in 1990? And then every year since then send out notification to Licensees saying they have negotiated the annual increases?

Can this really be what sets our payment rates? We SO need Collective Bargaining approval if there is any truth to this post. We need to set ourselves apart from this outstanding level of intellectual commerce, and the sooner the better!

POAAL's Negotiations of payments

I have never understood how POAAL could claim it negotiated payment increases with AP as the fact is there is and has always been a formular with regards to most fees paid to LPO Licensee's where increases in fees received by AP for transactions like banking, bill Pay and passport interviews are shared under the agreed formular's percentage terms. EG for AP to pass on an 8% increase in the passport fee would have meant that AP would have got an increased payment of 8% from DEFAT for passports. The total fee paid to AP now might be say $15 and the LPO Licensee is paid a percentage say 66% being a preset or determined percentage (not negotiable). POAAL does not negotiate fees for these transactions it has no imput but gets its share of the increase as per the original agreement with AP. There is no negotiation with AP just the formular. Big job for POAAL just turn up to the meeting with AP in order to find out what increases AP got and find out what increases LPO Licensees are now entitled to based on the Licensee's percentage share of the new AP fee paid.


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Un-bloody-believable!! What an insult to each and every member of this laughable "organisation". We reckon AP wrote it for them!

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No There is no doubt that Des Burns did this. AP put have put in a lot more effort.
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Well well well; It is unbelievable, How could any rational being think this mob was representing them.
School kids could write better responses.

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No wonder we are all in this pickle ......

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This should come with a warning, I gasped so hard I nearly passed out!

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They've got nothing.
With a larger font and double spacing they could have made it a page longer. Not trying POAAL

Should have been titled "Addendum in Support of Australia Posts Response"

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Good old Des Burns stating how he helps Licensees before their issues get to dispute stage!!! I have VERY STRONG MEMORIES of Des Burns' idea of help with the Toora saga (can you believe that was nearly 4 years ago now)?? He simply stated "good luck with that, I will have a chat to AP next time I meet with them about your problem. Thank God for LPOG, or we would have gone down the gurgler without it and its members support.

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LPOG Membership recruitment idea:

Step 1. Write a short cover letter explaining LPOG/ACCC matter. Enclose it with a copy of POAAL's letter and a LPOG membership application
Step 2. Send to every LPO
Step 3. $'s

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The mighty Madero has asked for our assistance especially seasoned Twits - "A Post regarding Slam Poaal Wednesday, as in tomorrow! Need all the LPOG Twitterphiles to voice their opinions on POAAL. Whether it be comments in general or past experiences as members or replies to Mr. Burns (Col) re: POAAL 's response to ACCC?" we need to OUT Poaal
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2m 52 seconds ago
We need to OUT the CHARADE that is POAAL! asked for everyones assistance especially seasoned Twits!

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Working all day tomorrow, so started tonight. Get on it everyone, it really does make a difference.

Oh,my,goodness! They write such magical stuff. I still get pretty much all their correspondence, despite not being a member since LPOG started. It is amazing how they write themselves up.

Can't wait for collective bargaining to work. When that happens, POAAL is finished. I think the reason why alot of new Licensees join POAAL is because Australia Post wants them to.