POB Advance - Not Received

If you faxed off your notification to opt in to the POB advance as per the requirements, and are just discovering it was not included in your POMs payment, make sure you contact your network office to have your POB advance payment paid out of cycle.

Apparently, when 2500 Licensees all send their paperwork to the one fax number, it doesn't necessarily print out all of our faxes. I think most of us have experienced this issue with the dreaded insurance compliance paperwork. Walking that to Melbourne and physically handing it to the responsible person might be a better option. However the POB fax is cash flow to Licensees, and vital for many of us.

But as to the POB advance payment, if you did not receive it, and you have the fax confirmation, then don't take 'NO' for an answer. Like every Licensee entitled to receive the advance payment, you were entitled to have those funds available to improve your cash flow in your bank from today. So stand your ground, and politely suggest AP get the funds into your bank pronto, as per yopur entitlement. I have just had that phone conversation. Not Happy Jan.