POB Team Strikes Again - it is not because of Payment Reform

And the results are visible in our bank accounts once again. The underwhelming payment that has gone into our bank accounts for our April YTD is missing a substantial number of our renewed POBs. The renewals paid in April were not included in our POMs payments, so our payment is underpaid, yet again, by however many POBs you renewed in April via a counter transaction.  

The only impact payment reform has had on this months POMs, which is shown in the POB reporting section of the POMs statement, is in the adjustment for the POB payment for the 9 month period from July 2019 to March 2020. If you see an adjustment line at the bottom of your POMs report, it is your incremental increase for the 3 month period from Jan to March of the net changes to your payments. If you have no such adjustment on your report, then you have not received any additional net increase, other than the new banking payment which has been paid each month since January. The 9 month YTD dashboard is expected to be published early next week and will clearly show what the changes are to our payment via the reform process.

As to the underpayment for renewed POBs, it is now under review for the remedy. A further pay run would be expected to be the only acceptable remedy for most of us. Those of you who placed bets on this happening yet again, maybe need to send your slip in to collect on that bet!