POMs - Down Again

Many Licensees are finding that the POMs self payment option is not available far too often. Some Licensees are suggesting that their pay is not available more than 30% of attempts. 

Australia Post advises that the POMs self pay is very rarely down, but that does not match Licensees experience.

So for the next few weeks, until the 7th June, which should show the end of May and beginning of June outages, can we all log the times we are refused our self payment, due to system being off line or for any other reason, by doing a print screen of the error message. Make sure you date stamp the page for clarity and keep the print screen pages in an official envelope for the duration. On the 1 June, we can assess the actual down days and determine if this issue needs to be escalated. We can then highlight any inconsistencies between both ends of POMs and get some fixes if that is deemed to be necessary.

We have had POMs for almost 12 months now, and while it does have a lot of good points, the bugs are still very active!




phantom's picture

Are you wanting us to record the POMS outages, still?
If so, how & when do you want the results sent to you ?
I started with a bang, then forgot. Maybe we need a gentle shove?

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Just keep a log for a month or so, just to see what is happening in the real world.
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Then we should be noting how many times we need to try *9055 before giving up or succeeding. I have my first failure on Friday after trying more than 15 times.