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I've had the offer put to me to be involved in the rollout for the new POS+ scanner system pre-Christmas.

I'm not sure how widespread this is going to be, but I know they were spruiking the units at the expo. I didn't get the chance to look at it but then I wasn't highly motivated to do it. I'm a technophile and I don't need to see new toys and get excited only to find out that I can't have it for 12 months.

Initial thoughts:
- Technology fee is $88 per month. Roughly half of what I am paying for my EPOS terminal.
- Hand back notice is 30 days for this one item, not 90 days like all the other items in the agreement.
- You can process stock purchases, billpay, tracking searches, etc. Handy for a one terminal outlet like us when some considerate souls come in with twin land titles checks..
- Not sure if stock purchases includes TC990 purchases or if it's restricted to AP barcodes..
- Printer rolls appear to be consumable! (yes I'll believe it when I actually get them for free..)

So is it worth paying for half a terminal? I don't really get half the functions I would get out of a full terminal but I'm going to go for it. We don't really have enough through traffic across the counter to warrant putting another terminal in but this might just be enough to take the pressure off when our current terminal is locked up in the middle of an EIS transaction or somesuch.

Will be interesting to see how it goes, especially leading up to Christmas.


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I would love one of these.

Then I’d be Able to hire someone for the Monday before Christmas. Every man and his dog will be in on that day. Day before Christmas. Yeh let’s do everything then...

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