The Post Master General Returns to the Building

Finally, after a long period of absence Australia Post has a CEO who wants to run the Post Office and deliver the mail. Australia Post's new CEO, Christine Holgate states that Post Offices are an important part of the community, and maintaining a healthy and viable Post Office network is critical to meet the needs of  Australian communities and the government. And mail remains a very important part of our business and should be protected and nurtured. 

So lets get back to selling stamps to put on letters to deliver to the world and growing our business together with the new boss. 

How good is that!

For Licensees this news from the CEO will allow us all to take a small step back from our worries about our future. Granted it is very early days, and word are just words, but there has been nothing comforting from the past CEOs for the most heavily invested stakeholders of this business for at least the past 12 - 15 years. This CEO values the retail footprint - mostly us, and values the business we are in, which lets face it, we do it because we love it, not just because we don't want to be paid!

Oh, and we are all going back to Australia Post again, just one big red happy family working together to be here for the next 200 years!

What a difference a CEO makes!