Post Office replaced with ... post box (FFS)

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Post Office replaced with ... post box (FFS)

Mulbring [Hunter Valley, NSW] had been without such a service since the closure of the Mulbring General Store and Post Office Shop last year [says this article].

Council agreed something needed to be done and sparked a conversation with Australia Post, which was were more than happy to assist.

Cessnock mayor Bob Pynsent welcomed the move by Australia Post to support the community.

“Australia Post responded and acted quickly to return the postal service to the community of Mulbring. The post box in Mulbring is now installed and ready for use,” he said.


Issues that I have with this, include the lack of organisation or plan by AP for this (or any) community, and the philosophical acceptance of AP that people walking from their LPO is acceptable.

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Post Logic

You can post a letter there but you have to drive to the other town to buy the stamp.

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Buy stamps online from officejerks

probably with free postage to their new parcel lockers that will be under the PO Boxes boots.

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I also loved that the manager from RURAL north was in the pic,

With OUR mayor. FFS, we havebeen deemed METRO north for the last few years, & Mulbring is South of us...
Closer to SYDNEY !!!!
More POST logic ????

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And looked like

Major earthworks in the background. Must be a huge erection.

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metro north manager (ah yes it is metro north apparently) said

he had tried to get a POB installed when the local store/lpo owner walked away, but that there was no interest in it from AP at that time. it all just so pathetic really.

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