Post's Record Revenue - while Corp delivers for the communities?

For those of you who have only been around a few years, this media release may read as a bit odd for you. Licensees are well aware that most Corp staff never set foot in most communities, but that fact is not well known in executive circles.

For those of us been here too long, this is a return to the times where we started to be very very worried more than a decade ago.

Licensees' and contractor's contributions to this result have been totally expunged. Its like we are in a parallel universe and just beavering away in the background to make the corporate world look good, but we are not really in the picture.

It seems we are back to the times where the only people who do anything to build the results in the minds of the management of this orgnisation, are those very much valued people who get a pay packet each week, and hold the company to account for endless pay rises and use the threat of strikes as the lever.

Meanwhile over in the back corner the calculators are out crunching down Licensees payments to see how much penny pinching can be done to offset the 3% Yr on Yr for those valuable employees. After all we don't do anything worthy of recognition so we can give up our income to help support the corp people who are so richly deserving and do all the work.

This is the future in black and white. If you want anything of your investment left in 5 years time, it is time to stand up and be united.

If you think you can survive this sort of attitude from our franchisor without rising up, you need to think again. This is what stated LPOG in the first place.

Its all down hill from here, and the only way out is fighting every cut, every step on the way through.

Not even 12 months from the removal of Christine Holgate and Licensees are expunged. How quick was that!


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Is it now time to advise POST of our distaste for the way the act, and remind them very clearly LPOS will not accept any further 3rd world treatment. We cannot allow POST to turn us back to prior to C1. Maybe we need to remind POST if numbers of LPos decided to close for the day just how that would affect Australia, many Corporate offices fail to make a profit, yet remain operative, why...... Be careful AP you may get what you dont want......

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Corporate POs would have trouble delivering a letter, let alone providing 50% of what LPos extend to Australia.Its time IMO we LPOG members with testicles turn up the wick, POST must be made aware we are not accepting crap and taking any backward steps to satify their egos. Over the crap from Post. time to act.

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So I might start a thread about it.

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Keep in mind this will need to move inside to drill down into any strategy. At present this is on the front page and is not restricted.
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Sorry, didn't realise....
By all means move or delete as appropriate.

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Lets get it away from the front door verandah, and get into the bedroom where all the action can happen.