Raising The Voice of Community Licensed Post Offices

Community Licensed Post Offices are all across Australia, serving over 80% of the Australia Post retail footprint. We are the locals, working in and serving our local communities. We are not paid public servants. We purchase the license which grants the Licensee the right to operate our community Post Office.

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Australia Post pays us fees and commissions as per our License Agreement, with the sole exception of a $6.60 (ex GST) daily representation fee, our income is based only on the level of business transacted in our community Post Office, by our customers. As such, we are very much dependent on a successful and very well managed Australia Post. Hence our full support of Christine Holgate as the CEO of Australia Post. We must have a successful Australia Post, for now, and for Australia's future. We need to speak up now. Christine has not resigned, she offered her resignation - effective immediately, however her terms were not accepted by the Board, so she is on standby. She needs to go back to work.

Please contact your Federal member and voice your concerns at the loss of Christine Holgate and the total disregard for the success of Australia Post and our shared future for the Postal Service of Australia. We have been previously informed that the Goverment of the day believes their community service obligations is fulfilled by the delivery of letters to 94% of delivery points, and providing a postal foot print of 4,000. However the government does not see it is any part of their obligation for those POs to be profitable, and they do not accept they have any obligation to deliver parcels to households or businesses. So effectively we are the football in this political football game, where each side tries to kick the obligations over to the other side, time after time after time. Christine Holgate accepted the position of CEO, and also accepted that Australia Post must be successful, and must share that success all through the business. Which is why she is our breath of fresh air, and invaluable for community Licensed Post Offices. She believes we should thrive, and after 30 years of denial of that from Governments and Australia Post executives and Boards, she is a keeper!

During the past 3 years as CEO, Christine Holgate has been striving to drive business into the retail network, and ensure Australia Post is a fit for purpose postal service for the future needs of all of Australia. We are seeing the results of her work in our businesses, and after 24 years of very underwhelming management of Australia Post, we are not prepared to lose this powerhouse of a CEO, that has been achieving and delivering results not seen or expected by any postal service elsewhere around the world.

For decades Licensees just accepted they were powerless to impact decisions made by Australia Post management and Shareholder Ministers, and many withered on the vine due to that acceptance of poor management and business strategies made by past Australia Post Executive teams.

With an estimated $3 billion dollars of investment in this industry, that is not an acceptable way for Licensees to operate. LPOG was established to change that, and we have made great inroads into building different outcomes for community Licensed Post Offices.

Christine Holgate is a breath of fresh air, and is a shining light on that road to a different future. As the CEO, she has been accessible, responsive to customers, staff and Licensees. She has empowered all levels of Australia Post to think outside the box and grow this business. The changes we have seen in our footprint have been sensational. Nicole Sheffield, as our fully supported EGM, is revitalising the retail side of Australia Post. That has never happened before, like it is happening now. We are once more a destination, serving our communities with a fit for purpose business that delivers, in so many ways. Its just not about letters anymore.

It is the best time ever to own a community Licensed Post Office, and our passion for our industry is equally matched by our passion for our executive team, led by our CEO Christine Holgate, that is turning this business around and putting us up front and centre in every community. No longer are we irrelevant and out of touch with today's world. We are becoming a one stop shop that continues to provide so much of what has been lost in most communities by economic cuts and rationalisation to most other service providers. 

It seems the Government of the day, currently the Liberal Government, has lost sight of the needs of the communities outside of the ivory towers. This is not a new phenomenon, in the previous decade, the Labour Party, did exactly the same thing. Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard and Minister Stephen Conroy enshrined Ahmed Fahour as CEO, stacked the Board with his mates, and proceeded to run the business into the ground in order to make selling of the profitable parcels side of the business more appealing to the Australian people, and Licensees were all left to rot on the vine. This decade, we are experiencing similar disregard from Tony Abbot, Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison, and Ministers Turnbull, Fifield and now Fletcher. The current Board is stacked with Liberal mates who do not support our very successful CEO, and supports instead a business plan that will cut services, jobs and footprint, sells of the parcels side of the business and leaves us to rot on the vine again.

The common factor in these 2 decades of oversight is absolutely no skin in the game from any of those punters. None of the above has even $1 invested in Australia Post, where as Licensees have collectively invested an estimated 3 Billion dollars into Australia Post. We fund the infrastructure that provides over 80% of the retail footprint, and the CSOs of the government of the day and Australia Post. If Australia Post is marginalised and downsized, and we no longer see foot traffic in our outlets, we still have to pay out that 3 billions of dollars to clear our personal liabilities. Most of us expect to sell our license to operate to the next Licensee, and to realise some capital gain for our hard work and investment over the years of operating our community Licensed Post Office.

If we do not stand up and insist our voice is well represented in the management of this Business, we are facing a return to rotting on the vine while watching uninvested punters cashing in on our years of hard work. Time to be proactive and stop the ROT.