Rescheduling the Tasmanian AGM date to 2021

Owing to the uncertainities for events such as this in the forseeable future, the Board is postponing the planned Tasmanian AGM until 2021. We would like to have as many people coming to Tasmania for this weekend as possible, but if we are busy worrying about our health and our financial well being, visiting Tasmania may not be of the highest priority for many in 2020.

So please revisit your plans to visit Tasmania, and if possible join LPOG for our 2021 AGM in the Apple Isle, when hopefully we are all able to travel with ease again. 

The timetable will be similar to the intended 2020 version, and we will update members with details in the new year.

The weekend 24 - 25 October, 2020 So get ready Tassie, LPOG 2020 AGM will be in Hobart this time. Setting it in or around Hobart for our 7th AGM.

Unfortunately it was not possible to pick a school holiday period, but the Hobart show is on at the time, so that might be an attraction for any families that can make a short break, or an extended short holiday. We are looking at a possible excursion for kids to the Show while their parents are at the LPOG Event if we can manage it, and convince the insurance company that we will need cover to venture down this path.

Further details will be coming as plans progress. One thing we will be confirming this round is a set accommodation price up to a certain period if it is booked by that date. A few members got a shock in Perth when the hotel did not honour their offer after they got busy. We will sort that out now we know that is a potential. So don't book any accomodation as yet until we work through that with the locals.

Other than that, plan away. We will do a Friday night gathering, Saturday will be a busy LPO day with the AGM late in the afternoon, followed by the Gala dinner on Sat night, and Sunday will be a social day to network with the crowd.