Seeking Support for a Sustainable Business Model

LPOG invites concerned Licensee to contact your Federal Member, and your State Senators, to seek support for the Temporary Regularatory Relief Legislation. The Legislation will allow Australia Post to better position the business to manage the next peak period which will be coming up very quickly.

Letter to MP and Senators to support regulatory reform (1).pptx

Unfortunately the Unions are presenting the relief as a opportunity to cut jobs and reduce pay. Australia Post have provided ample statements to refute that claim, but it is not being including in much of the media discussions, as doom and gloom captures far more attention.

Licensees require a cost effective Australia Post, that can meet the changing needs of our communities. We need the Government of the day to allow Australia Post to move with the times. We have been forced to constantly adjust our business model to meet the changing needs of our communities, and we should expect the same from our franchisor.

Please take the time to reach out to your Federal Member and State Senators to seek their support . The following templates are an example or guide for your correspondence, It is best to personalise your message if possible, as it is always much more effective if the message is your own personal message rather than a standard form letter. However if you feel more comfortable using the template, every email or letter will assist.

Letter to MP and Senators to support regulatory reform (1).pptx

Contact details for Federal Members and Senators

List Of Federal Members 2020.pdf                              List Of Senators 2020.pdf