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Australia Post's CEO,  Christine Holgate, and the GM of the Post Office network, Dave McNamara attended Senate Estimates today, May 23 2018.

Skip to 12.02 for the start of Post's attendance

Many thanks for Senator Anne Urquhart for her continued support of LPOs, and our issues. I think it is fair to say that LPOs are getting far more air time with the current management, than for the last 10 years of the previous management. Looking forward to that increased attention manifesting as money in our pockets in the not too distant future.


Well worth watching.

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Low on time here. Anyone like to offer a precis?

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Senator Urquhart is an absolute god send. What an eloquent speaker and she definitely has a handle on LPO's and our situation. She asks relevant and poignant questions and evokes meaningful answers from Christine Holgate. What a stark difference the change of guard has made to Senate Estimates. I feel much more confident about our future with Christine sitting in that chair. That LPO's are now talked about and discussed with vigour and respect is such a breath of fresh air. I also loved the references to Angela throughout Christine's time in estimates and knowing we are represented on the floor on the day in that room is just excellent.

HI Gail I just got a message from Pam E (Malpo) because she needs help with POMS - she said she did not want to burden you but she needs advice. I told her to contact you because you are willing to help us out when we are stuck. ( Poor thing sent me the message at midnight so she must be very worried - expect her to contact you soon., PS thanks for giving me your help. Aneri

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Indeed, Senator Urquhart is right on the money. Ms Holgate very impressive in Senate Estimates. Actually watched the whole thing and Senator Fifield's responses regarding the ABC, SBS and the IPA were very illuminating indeed. The guy thinks he's made of teflon and he can do WTF he wants without anybody calling him to account. Sickening.
An opportunity to get the banks to cough up for representation rather than just a "per transaction" pittance.
Other positive signs of working for LPO viability.
Sadly no signs of a sugar hit, months more to wait for outcomes and, as yet, no corporate consideration of what to do with "basket case" LPOs. So, Cat. F? Bad luck we will be dead before the cavalry arrives.

But, gee, she IS convincing, isn't she?

westie the terminally cynical but eternally optimistic

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She is convincing! Hit the nail right on the head.
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Or did you gate crash?

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Anyone with a pass can go, and I do have a pass valid till 2020, but it was more of a request/suggestion that it would be good if I attended, than an invite. So I went just to see why I should.
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I felt more positive after watching this. We all knew C1 we would be better than Farfar but I have a feeling that with all the other stars aligning and Christine we are going to be a lot better long as we can hang on.... Great job to all, I think it has taken a massive shift for Angela now to be referred to by the CEO in such a way, go Angela!

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I just feel sorry for the LPO's that walked away from their business without AP caring. 23 LPO's closed, "umm, but we are working on a commercial viabilty package for all LPOs". Post office robbed, "oh".
We do have a big team of paid people working on LPO reform, FFS, pay LPOG for their expertise too.