Senate Inquiry Final Report - Supported Across Parties

Senate Committee Delivers Consensus Report

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We are fortunate in Australia to be able to enlist our parliament to investigate matters of importance to the nation. It would seem that our parliamentarians are hard working, dedicated people, who probably do not get enough public recognition for the efforts they make. This forum is open for that purpose only.

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As a Licensee I would like to thank the Senators who took the time to look at our issues. It was refreshing to see all the parties work together to look at the future of Australia Post and the Licensees who work so hard for all the communities all over Australia. I look forward to the future for my business now.

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I would publicly like to thank all the Senators for their in depth investigation into our plight. It was refreshing to be taken seriously and our concerns be addressed. Hopefully the Minister will pay heed to your recommendations and the future of our Businesses will flourish and become the prestigious icons they once were. Again my heartfelt thankyou.

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I have emailed each Senator expressing my sincere thankyou for the diligence they extended to Licensed Post offices.Having the ear of Politicans is refreshing.
The Senators are to be thanked for what they acheived for us.
It is so dam good to be reminded that Politicians regardless of their party actually can help the noisy minority.
Its a little funny, but thankyou just does not seem good enough as a reward for the efforts of our Senators. If I can find a more appropriate word I would use it here.
Just maybe now with a short delay, we all can start to rebuild our businesses again, and remember how to smile, but most importantly return to respecting ourselves and our LPOs

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I have sent each Senator involved a hand-written "Thank You" card to express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks for everything they have done on our behalf. As ASHA300 said, it hardly seems enough, and likewise this applies to Angela and all the others who initiated the LPOG and spent a lot of time, effort and money to start our journey towards getting a fair deal from the tyrannical australia post. (The don't deserve capitals.)

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Thankyou Senators and the staff who worked so hard to conduct this inquiry so thoroughly and so well. My appreciation is deep and I don't have the words to convey just how much your effort means. After over ten years of being treated as some sort of underdog to be bullied around and who does not even deserve the minimum remuneration that this country deems fair, it is extremely heartening to have your validation of our grievances and your overwhelming support for our existence. Licensees in the main chose this business because we are people who don't deem money to be everything; there are more lucrative ways to earn a crust. We saw a life serving the public in a trusted office and as an important piece of the fabric of a town or suburb as what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives, some of us with children for whom we wanted the opportunity to get out of the city and into a country town with fresh air and a sense of belonging. We do the work we do every day with a smile because we believe in this icon in our country, Australia Post, and we want it to remain such. There are ways to keep our post offices alive and central to the lives of ordinary Australians and we can only hope that your recommendations are taken up, and taken up immediately to save those LPOs on the brink of closure. If LPOs go from our towns and suburbs, I wonder who will patiently explain things to people who don't understand, who will put the recharges into the phones of those who are not quite up with technology, who will search and find the addressee for a piece of mail that is addressed to "Mum", who will provide advice and care as to how best to send an article and who will just smile and chat a minute or two to ease loneliness or bereavement. Thankyou Senators and staff for caring that some heart is left in our towns and suburbs, no matter how small.

Thank you all for the hard work that has gone into this submission. Hope we can move forward now and receive adequate payment for the work we carry out.