The Senate Inquiry Hearing

December 6, 2013 - A historical day for LPOs

For the first time since the inception of LPOs in Australia, a Senate Inquiry has explored the issues that affect the viability of the current LPO model.

Australian Senators took the time to hear our issues, understand our issues and comprehend the meaning of those issues in the context of Licensees being able to remain in business and continue serving the communities of Australia.

We encourage every Licensee to take the time to watch the whole Inquiry (Part 1 | Part 2 | Program Guide | Hansard Transcript). You will gain a valuable insight into the approach, beliefs and attitudes of the stakeholders who spoke.

LPOG opened the hearing with frank assessment of the position Licensees find themselves in today. LPOG members had 3 strong voices in Angela Cramp, Andrew Hirst & Tony Buskariol.

By arriving well prepared and dealing with the issues up front and head on, LPOG was able to effectively communicate the concerns of hundreds of Licensees to the Senate Committee.

Some witnesses throughout the hearing were asked very tough questions. It was clear the Senators were determined to get to the core of the problems facing Licensees, exploring how our issues came about and whether these issues have ever been addressed properly over the years. There was an indication that seeking resolutions sooner rather than later would be important, given the vulnerability of so many outlets.

The Senate Committee reports on the Inquiry on 11/12/2013.

LPOGroup is here to stay, we will be the champion for LPOs and we will not allow issues to go unaddressed. We are an active community of Licensees and we welcome new membership with open arms..(be warned someone may actually hug you).

If you are a Licensee, you are an important part of Australia Post and of the community you service. You deserve effective representation and you can benefit from being part of an active community of Licensees who are passionate about their business.

For reasons not fully understood, there have been critics of our movement. Everyone is entitled to their opinions – we are interested in results. After all, our entire organisation is made up of current Licensees, our motivations are obvious, we want to restore viability to all LPOs including our own offices. We love our Post Offices and LPOG looks forward to being a proactive representative for LPOs in our dealings with Australia Post into the future.


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Kudos to the LPOGroup! So very proud at what has been accomplished in so short a time. How lovely to be recognised as a group. It seems the writing is on the wall for POAAL. If I was still a member, I would be cancelling my membership quick smart after watching Mr Kerr's performance!

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Great work LPOG. It's a great relief to have a representative group like LPOG who actually listen to your problem, acknowledge that there is a problem, then actually advise and assist you to overcome that problem. As well, the forum provides a wealth of knowledge and assistance. I have learned more about my LPO business in the 8mths that I have been a member of LPOG than the last 4yrs from either AP or poaal. To be part of a the LPOG which has accomplished so much in such a short time makes me proud and stamps the leaders of LPOG with an indelible mark of professionalism.

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Well Said Col and Blimpboy.

I too am so proud of the LPO Group and even prouder to be member. With the knowledge I've learnt from the group and the forums has been overwhelming. For the years I was with POAAL I learnt nothing. They only seemed to be interested in my membership money as they proved when they no longer got it, as this was the only time they talked too me. Back in my early days of taking over my office I contacted them on many occasions for guidance on trying to understand my lipoms payments and disputes with AP. They just directed me back to AP, the very entity I was having trouble with. Hopeless. I stayed with them for a further four years because I was mislead into believing I had to, to get the insurance I needed. After I contacted the LPO Group back in March I found out this was not the case. I actually ended up saving $400 off my apples for apples policy by using another insurer. You too can see the light. Become a member of the LPO Group and enjoy that feeling of being part of something real special with real help from fellow Licences who know how you feel and what you are going through. You will never look back and you will never again feel alone and isolated.

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I must apologize, I wasn't looking forward to our newly formed group facing the Senate,up against highly experienced CEOs and Directors. My thoughts were so wrong, we had 3 very polished and truthful representatives/leaders.
POAALs performance speaks for itself and our predicament.
AP whilst still polished, didn't portray the same truthfulness, and showed little promise of a future remedy.
Thank you so much guys. Hope you do get to catch up on some sleep soon.
Three cheers for our 3 in the front line.
Hip ray hip ray hip ray.

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My first post! I have been watching comments for a long time though and I also don't understand the critics of LPOG. That ordinary LPO Licensees just like every one of us has the guts and commitment to take on AP the way they have regardless of what else is happening in their lives I find truly extraordinary. I also can't understand why people can't see that the potential benefits will affect us all and in many cases will be life

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Congratulations and thanks on your first post Jan and welcome aboard...!!! We all look forward to your further posts and input, whether critical or otherwise it will be taken on board, considered and appreciated. I can guarantee that your membership will NOT be cancelled for expressing a different point of view or requesting, say, a copy of our "articles of association", or similar. (in fact I believe they are posted on this site some where's). Enjoy.

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There are some, as always, who have a vested interest in retaining the status quo.
You can bet these people are not struggling LPO owners. They do not have your best interests at heart.

There are some, too, who fear that change may not be for the better, and that their 'just holding on' LPO may be subject to retaliation or pressure that may tip them over the edge into failure. These fears are legitimate.

The LPOG sees that the LPO model and the Agreement that sustains it, is no longer appropriate for the times and needs to be updated and reviewed. For those on the very edge that review must come NOW. For the rest, it is, literally, just a matter of time before it comes for you too. You can not rely on anybody else to save you. You must save yourself from failure, now or in six months time. LPOG offers a way for you to do this.

Look at what the critics are saying and think about what their motivations may be. It may be fear, it may be self interest. But, in the end, will the critics save you?

God Bless the LPOG

Well done LPOG and all of their supporters, I have been watching the events of the past few months unfold and are astonished to see the advances LPOG have made in such a short period of time. All thanks to the leadership of the Group. We have been in our LPO for nearly 4 years and if it wasn't for my wife being a nurse and my defense pension then we wouldn't be here today. Just one question we would dearly love to look at the hearing but are currently having problems doing so. Are there any experts out there that can help we are currently using A Samsung tablet with Android but the website doesn't seem to like it any help would be great.
Regards, Bully

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Where's Wally? I think he is the person who can help here, so check in a bit later and he is sure to have some answers

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Please send me a detailed description of what you see when you access the site. Thanks.

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So proud to be a member of lpo group.Finally we have a voice and after watching the senate its obvious that the senators relise there are many issues that need to be adressed.I would like to thanks our leader for all the hard work the have done to allow our united voice to be heard.

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From Phil and I (Fi Atellic), congratulation to the LPOG leaders! You have done very well by us all. Phil and I haven't yet had time to see the AP part of the "show" but it sounds like the overall result is a good one.
Mr Kerr nearly made me throw up and if he hasn't got a sore neck from turning from side to side to get someone else to answer his questions, I'm amazed.
Phil, who understands the complex payments system, was a bit worried about some mistakes made re the payments but there was no doubt that the three LPOG leaders were genuine and honest. The system is ridiculously complicated and it should be open and easy to understand by everyone so AP cannot hide behind the ambiguity and complexity.
As for POAAL, they are criminal in their lack of proper representation and assistance to Licensees. They never know the answers to questions about the payments, we have found. We loved the comments by the Senator who has herself run an association of 4000 members. Heh heh, and the panice on Mr Kerr's face when he thought he was being asked about his budget was priceless. Just what HAS he got to hide?
On the above topic, I have encouraged Licensees from my area to join LPOG to no avail and the only reasons given, by only two of the eight as the others said nothing, were to do with the stress of dealing with AP, the fear of retribution and a silly statement that LPOG is not recognised as a true group representing Licensees (how do you get there if you don't start the journey?).
I wish there had been more time with this whole Enquiry as Phil and I struggle to find the necessary time in our week here to do anything extra let alone fight the battle of our lives, but I hope the outcome will still be great for all of us.

We too congratulate the lpog leadership group. We are very proud and feel vindicated by the performance of POAAL. We would also like to congratulate all those lpog members who put in a submission to the inquiry as we know it wasn't that easy. But well done. I am looking forward to knowing something about the secretive agreement between POAAL and AP and whether it may include incentive payments for the resolution of complaints!!! So that's why they go no further! Also the budget of POAAL should be available to members, surely? What sort of salary would Kerr be on? Anyway thanks everyone for participation, we, on the east coast of tassie, salute you and are proud to be a member of lpog.

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NOW Ready LPOG !! Brilliant performance Team LPOG. You showed them true Aussie spirit performed with integrity, strength and courage in representing our group. Big day for LPOG and poaal was .... just %#@!?(&*^? We are sooo pleased we cancelled our membership, how could he possibly call himself a CEO !! Looking forward to positive movements for the future of a great Aussie brand run by real people with the rights to fare and reasonable returns. Thanks a million Angela, Andrew and Tony you all exemplify what hard work, dedication and persistence can achieve.

Congratulations LPOG!!
I have just spent the evening reading the entire Hansard transript. I felt I was in the room, Boswell & Xen---.
Lets hope we{LPOs} will see an improvement to the bottom line in the "next corporate plan"

Yes yes and YES! congratulations to lpog you have done an outstanding job developing and presenting our case to the senate inquiry.
LpoG is the best investment we have made in the last ten years. Just a shame we wasted so much time with that totally useless mob..what's their name... oh yeah poo-all.

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oops sorry didn't realise I wasn't logged on...

Yes yes and YES! above

I wonder if the Senators are aware Mr Kerr is now a resident of Italy
and does his POAAL duties in his spare time.

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What a Team LPOG!, POAALS performance was woeful. I may be mistaken, as I watched intently, but it seemed POAAL was/is in support of the current AP Business model and deemed payments adequate.

I cant wait to see if the consultative agreement ever surfaces.


Hi to all and thank you for your kind words Its a honer to to be able to represent a great bunch of dedicated Licensee's before the Senate. its a shame we have not been recognised for the work we do, the service we provide to the community nor been properly paid a commercial return on the business we perform on behalf of Australia Post but I am confident we will get the right outcomes

There is still much to do this was round ONE So can I ask you to keep up the pressure We plan to commence a second round of political pressure which we will keep you informed of

Again Thank You for your effort to date lets keep going

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Yes, congratulations Angela, Andrew and Tony, remarkable job at the senate enquiry. You are indeed our champions and I thank you all for the effort you are putting in.

What LPOG has achieved in such a short space of time, POAAL couldn't achieve in the 9 years I have owed my LPO. Keep up the excellent work, and thankyou foe everthing.