Senator Barry O’Sullivan

Australians all owe Senator Barry O’Sullivan an enormous debt of gratitude for his dedication to ensuring the survival of the Post Office network for Australian communities all over the country. 5 years ago when the LPO Group first met with Barry, many of us believed we could be, or would be insolvent within months, and for our communities that would have very dire consequences. For almost 3,000 small business owners, 2,500 in rural and remote locations, that was a soul destroying predicament after years of serving in our Licensed Post Offices in our communities. It is an absolute credit to Barry’s leadership skills, that he has united a very dispirited, disenfranchised and financially stressed industry and guided, supported, empowered and energised those same Licensees to fight for the continued viability and ultimate sustainability of the Australia Post Licensed Post Office Network. A major part of the ongoing success of the campaign was Barry’s ability to unite the Senate Committee to understand the issues, and to drive the work to reform the postal industry.
Today, many of those same Licensees will forever be greatfull to Barry for the wins we have gained, and his role in our survival as we continue to trade, and continue to seek solutions for the long term future of the network. We have a long way to go but we have come so far from our beginnings. It would not be an overstatement to say that without Barry’s ongoing support and guidance, Australia Post would have lost the LPO Network to years of neglect from many past governments. Barry looked at the issues, listened to the Licensees and acted to address the problems. He has achieved so much, with little fanfare, and we continue to rely on his skilled leadership to complete this most necessary work.
Thank you Barry, you are an inspiration, and the best that politics should be for Australians everywhere.


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Hear, hear. Regardless of politics it is right and fitting to recognise Barry's sterling contributions to our cause.

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Thanks Bazz, your a GEM.

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amongst all the other really sad bits, in this announcement is that there are many Post employees who would be totally oblivious to the fact that Barry, and Nick, saved the brand and their freckles along with a majority of LPOs.
Thanks Senator O'Sullivan, from the many that are aware of how much positive impact you have had on the future of this once great brand and the many hundreds of towns accross the country that still benefit from an open and functional Post Office.
Hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, the unaware will receive enlightenment.

Senator O'Suliivan popped his head into our LPO once and the positive vibe that he left us with knowing that someone in Canberra was on our side was so uplifting.
He even gave me his E-Mail and told me to feel free to CC him into any communications that we had with Australia Post so that he could see first hand what goes on. Which came in very handy.

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i met barry at the lpog conference in brisbane a few years ago a really nice positive polly and mr nic of course

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Yes and very savvy! A great understanding of what makes people tick.

Let's not forget the excellent work done by Ex Senators Xenophon and Boswell they did some great work in the early days.

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Absolutely, we would not have got very far without all 3 of them being well and truly engaged by the first 2 groups of Licensees that first met with both of them. Also the licensee who sat down and wrote a letter to every Senator before any of them had really been contacted much. Every step along this path has built on each success culminating to LPOG sitting at the table, contributing to the drafting of a new and commercially sound payment scheme, and direct channels to the Minister’s Office and senior executives of AP. We have come a long way from our beginnings. Will be comforting to see actual evidence that we have turned the corner when we do that.