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We will all soon find out how serious Australia Post are about LPO sustainability.

June is the time that the CPI and GRIA increased rates are announced for the next financial year. The CPI increase is 1.9% for 2018-19 and the GRIA increase is 3.5%.

Last year, Post accepted that the CPI does not reflect true cost increases for our LPO businesses expenses, and agreed to increase payments, which had been tied into the BPR, by the GRIA increase instead.

Soon we will be provided with the proof about Post's sincerity about having viable LPOs in its network.

LPOG has rejected the CPI index as insufficient, regardless of any tie as per our Agreement. LPOG has stated that the GRIA needs to be used for all increases as a minimum.

If we receive a GRIA increase for all of our commission payments next month, this would prove that Post is concerned and serious about our network. 

If we don’t, their not!


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One way or the other

Kipper's picture

we are still going backwards.

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that's because pi is an irrational number.

Kipper's picture

The imaginary numbers that we seem to be receiving.
And yet zero is considered both an imaginary and real number. We see a lot of that particular one.

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Let's leave the imaginary numbers to POAAL. They seem to favour them in Cloud Cuckoo Land.
We can stick with reality.

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Sends us backwards.
The value of this increase, what ever it will be, is reduced by every past CPI increase, all the years without any increase in BPR, all the underpayments, and, all the non-payments
If it was based on a credible baseline it my keep things static for a year, but its not.
This, by its self, is only reducing the loss.

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AP has been poking us in both eyes for years. Now they're only poking us in one eye.

It's better, but it still sucks.

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'Rates have increased in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase of 1.9%'

Surprise Surprise..

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has been issued with an extra personal floatation device.
Now all we need are some electric bar heaters so we don't all freeze to death.

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What the hell?

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Yep, letter arrived this morning in the mail. Rargh is correct, it's another CPI only increase.

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correct 1.9% CPI increase, wonderful gesture by AP to show that they actually not only "couldnt give a stuff",but just rubbed into all LPOs, the bullying tactics, "this is what you are getting so shut the F up".
IMO AP and the new executive team including Ms Holgate, who would have been aware of this increase dont want to help, LPos or the retail network of LPos survive.
It seems to me that work of LPOg is not being listened to by anyone including Ms Holgate, and thats a bloody shame.
We LPOs listened and read Ms Holgates speels, the retail network of LPOs are so important to AP.

How can we all be sucked in with all this bs.
1.9% for christ sake.

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More- This Mornings Tweet
@C_Holgate 1.9% CPI - So it's true then "You Can Teach a New CEO Old Tricks"? Disappointing. @LPOGroup

cheers Biggs

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yep,really serious about helping LPOs become substainable,believe IMO we now need to seriously fight.Obviously AP believe they have done us a favour with 1.9%.
Same ol same to rule ,nothing for nothing anymore at this LPO

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So LPOG they are not serious, so what next???

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I am sure our LPOG exec have much to think about now. Looking forward to a statement when possible. Thank you.

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I say we all do as a cpa does and nothing more, because that is what we will become if we don’t make a stand. Sell stamps and satchels and pre paid envelopes and nothing else. Let our communities do the loud talk for us. In rural regional none of them have banking choices anymore except us. When we are gone they have over an hour round trip. Enjoy that.

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and remember....

CPAs don't sell concession stamps (oooops, think there may be only one CPA that does do banking & sells those pesky discounted stamps but, from memory, that CPA is run by AP and is located in a metro area in Sydney and installed only following the public backlash received after a post office closure in that area)