So that's another Christmas done

as we roll towards 5.00pm on Christmas Eve 2018. Well done everyone for your contribution to another Christmas season for Australia. Together we provide so much for all of our communities, and it is the little bit extra at this time that makes all the difference for so many.

The Board of LPOG wishes all Licensees and their families, and all the Australia Post employees and contractors that we work with throughout the year, a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, and we look forward to a changing future in 2019.

Enjoy the break, eat, drink and be merry, then rest, relax and recover, because it seems to be around again quick as a flash.

For those of you with monstrous stock bills, and minuscule bank accounts balances, news will be out in the early new year about returning unsold Christmas stamps. 

Thanks to all our many LPOG members for all your support and assistance for your fellow members. It is grand to see the results of having a few hundred first best friends in your corner, and how much that means to so many Licensees who once used to be alone and isolated.

Lets hope 2019 continues the trend of being a much better year than the last, as we look towards a new era with the new Executive management of Australia Post.

Merry Christmas Everyone

Angela Cramp and the Board of LPOGroup


Margee's picture

Right back at you! Thanks so much for all you guys do for us behind the scenes. You really do deserve medals!

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Merry Christmas to one and all. I can feel a change in my waters. 2019 is our year. If not, I’m out.

Hello I just woke up! I was worked to death but survived AP made a motza in parcels just from my little LPO - hope they appreciate all my hard work (I doubt it)

Wow that went fast - mid week Christmas Days are weird.

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Thank you LPOG Exec and the rest of the LPO Family!!! We survived Peak and thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days off (and looking forward to the 4 days off soon).
A hap-hap-happy new year to you all and may the God of "Fair Return on Expenses" shower us with good fortune in 2019!!