Stock Delays and Credit Extensions

LPOG has requested Australia Post address the financial impact of the delay in getting our stock to us during these interesting times. Many of us have stock sitting in the back log, or in some cases, stock ordered early last month has just arrived, leaving a very short timeframe to cash it in, and pay for it on the 24th. In order to address this problem, not of our making, LPOG has requested Australia Post assist with extension to the payment terms. As per the following, that has been agreed to. If you need to take up this extension offer, please see information on the process below.
With the recent significant increase in parcel volumes in our network we have seen some unfortunate delays in getting stock to all retail outlets including LPOs.
To address this we are making changes within our network including setting up pop up facilities and employing additional staff to assist with the record parcel volumes.
Additionally we will be advising licensees to:
  • Contact their network manager if they have not received a stock order and are close to running out. Our operations team are chasing delayed orders and working closely with our parcel network colleagues to keep stock moving.
  • Where an order has not been received but is likely to be invoiced we will ask Licensee to email the relevant credit management contact below requesting a 30 days extension of this amount. Licensees will need to provide the amount of the order, the date ordered and the order number and the extension will be applied by credit management. for South Australian and Northern Territory outlets for New South Wales and ACT outlets for Victorian and Tasmanian outlets for Queensland and Western Australian outlets
We will continue to monitor the situation and support licensees with this issue.
End of message from Australia Post.
If you are facing this, send off your email, sooner rather than later, to ensure enough time for the extension to be applied to your stock account..