Submissions to the Senate Inquiry for future of Australia Post's Delivery Services

Once again Licensees have the opportunity to voice their opinions, or raise their concerns, regarding the future direction of the business that we are so heavily invested in. Over the past 10 years, as part of the retail arm of Australia Post, we have been forced to adjust our business model to meet the changing needs of our communities. It is now the time for the delivery side of the business to look to meeting the changing needs of our customers. The focus and growth of this business is in the parcels needs of our customers, with a declining need for letters no longer being our core function. Times have changed, needs have changed, and we are disrupted by the digital world. Our investments in our LPOs rely on a profitable business overall, and productivity and cost effective use of our valuable resources, like our posties, needs to better reflect the growth areas. LPOG fully supports changes to our letter service to alternate delivery model in metro areas, where much of the communication is by digital means anyway. We can then have more people focused on moving all those parcels, so we can have more happy customers again.

Please take the time to send your submission to the inquiry, by the 3 JULY, 2020 to express your views as a Licensee or a householder, and how you see this will be received in your community if you are metro based. If you are rural then let the committee know what your delivery schedule is, and how that is accepted in your community. Many rural areas already have this model and it works well. Without a wide range of experiences the committee will be limited in the information that they receive. This is our business, and our future, have your say. All the necessary information to make a submission is below:


Inquiry into the future of Australia Post’s service delivery

On 16 June 2020, the Senate referred an inquiry into the future of Australia Post’s service delivery to the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee (the committee) for inquiry and report by 11 August 2020.

The terms of reference for the inquiry are available on the committee's website under 'Current Inquiries'. The committee invites your organisation, and other interested parties, to make a submission to this inquiry. Submissions are due by 3 July 2020.

The committee encourages the lodgement of submissions in electronic form and it is possible to lodge a submission through the committee's website. Alternatively submissions can be lodged via email to All submissions should include the author's full name, phone number and postal address on a separate covering letter.

Please note that a submission becomes a committee document, and must not be disclosed to any other person until it has been accepted by the committee. Unless you have requested that your submission remain confidential, it will be published on the committee's website after the committee has examined and accepted it, and authorised its publication. Once a committee has authorised the release of a submission, subsequent publication is protected by parliamentary privilege.

The committee is planning to hold a public hearing on Wednesday, 8 July 2020.

If you would like further information of lodging a submission please use the contact tab above.