Tell the ANZ Board of Directors - Shareholder Centre

As Licensees who have provided banking services in our communities for years, at well below our direct costs, you probably joined with Australia Post's CEO to feel very excited, and relieved, about the commitment made by 3 of the BIG 4, CBA, NAB and Westpac to finally help remunerate us for this service to our shared customers.

You are probably as dismayed as the rest of us then, by the refusal of ANZ to make an equal contribution, citing the fee, which is less than half of 1% of their  $6.94B 2017 net profit, is unfair for them. $22m per year from the BIG 4 will allow universal banking services to 3,600 communities throughout Australia, and will allow communities to retain banking services for all. And ANZ feels hardly done by having to chip in. As a Licensee who has chipped in to fund their very healthy profit margin, by servicing their customers mostly at our own expense for years now, LPOG suggest you put pen to paper to express your disappointment at this latest failure by this bank to put customers, and communities, before corporate profit. 

It is ironic, but highly likely, that many shareholders of the ANZ will be self funded retirees, the people most likely to use the bank@post services, because they are the least most likely to be living on their smartphones day in and day out, as the CEO thinks all his customers are doing!

This would have to rank up there with the most narrow minded, short sighted decision by any ostrich. So lets let the ANZ Board know about how this decision will impact on ANZ customers and their brand. If all else fails, at least we know that in 3 months from now, we will no longer be providing banking services for ANZ customers funded out of our own pockets. Between now and then, strongly suggest to any ANZ customers that do use your LPO, that they need to vote with their feet, and point them to the BIG 3 that do support communities, and LPOs, instead.

But for now as a last ditch effort, please write to the Individual members of the ANZ Board linked below,

C/- ANZ Level 10, 833 Collins Street

Docklands VIC 3008 Australia

Maybe the Board will hear our message, because the CEO isn't. He is a banker after all, we know what they are like!