Terry Ashcroft Newsletter 2017

Terry Ashcroft's 2016 newsletter is just about to hit NSW LPOs.

For those of you not in NSW here is the online version.

ASHCROFT 2017.pdf               Ashcroft Calander 2017.pdf

Terry's 2017 calander features the NSW RNP team with Senator Nick Xenophon, at the Ashcroft/LPOG event in Sydney earlier this year.

Senator Xenophon flew in from Adelaide to attend, and the RNP Team attended on their own time to network with Licensees. I hope they all enjoy the year on the top of our office Calanders!

Thanks for your efforts Terry. While LPOG may be going from strength to strength, it would not have started without your drive and persistence pushing NSW Licensees to open our eyes, and seek better business outcomes.

There is not a Licensee in the country that should not be sending you a thankyou for your determination to inspire LPOG, and to encourage LPOG to do what we have all done. 


Very Good, So True.Hope AP has a GOOD READ. Happy New Year to All

extrodinary knowledge of what is what! I personally appreciate that Terry shares the information with us so that we can ALL BENEFIT the "wow" factor also comes knowing some of the back door dealings that are going on. THANKS TERRY AND THANKS LPOG.

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Thank you very much for your information. Why dont you also send it to Michael Mccormick - minister for small business

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Probably a dumb question, but does Terry Ashcroft own a LPO? Why is he so concerned about LPOs ? Just wondering?

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LOL I bet he asks himself that question 10 times a day. No he doesn't own an LPO, he is a broker w ho sells LPOs. And many Of his clients buy and sell through him several times. He has been selling LPOs for 30 years (apparently it is 45 years) so he has seen a lot. And many of his clients think that he is their problem solver as soon as they get into trouble, so it is in his interests to get Licensees looking at ways to improve our industry. I think he thinks that might give him a bit of peace.

Best positive newsletter i have read in 6 years owning a Post Office. Was a pleasure to read.
Hope their are people inside Australia Post with the same forward thinking.

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Thanks Terry
I have known Terry for many years. Help Desk in the old days would direct LPOs to Terry for assistance and I know many LPOs that have beneffited from his knowleded. We are all better off for the likes of Terry and the LPO Group