Terry Ashcroft's Trade show

is on again on the 28 May, 2017 at the Greyhound Social Club in Yagoona.

This Tradeshow was originally set for 26 March, but this date has clashed with other commitments so it got a move.

Trade Show 2017 Flyer.pdf                 LPOG and Aus Post Presentations    LPOG Empowering Licensee.pdf

There will be a range of suppliers exhibiting on the day and Terry is about to send out notifications to all NSW Licensees. As soon as Terry has published the invitations and confirmed the attendees we shall publish here.

LPOG will be making the most of this current opportunity offered by Terry to explore our best options and tools to help us understand our business and to increase our chances to survive and even prosper in our changed environment. So come along and check out what new products you can offer, network with fellow licensees, educate yourself on our new business tools, and see what we can do to build on our future with LPOG and Australia Post and Terry Ashcroft.

As we are all up in the air at present, with the imminent change of leadership, and possibly direction, for Australia Post, the LPOG application for collective bargaining submitted to the ACCC, and the beginnings of what we will all be calling the buy back scheme, (AKA as rationalization/restructure/transformation) it is rather difficult to be seeking or advocating for solutions to our problems. We really need to let the dust settle with what is already in play before we know what issues we have, or what we have not.  

We have had turbulent years, with a CEO who was directed to change this business. And this business has changed. We will shortly have a new CEO who will be expected to build on from that change. We need to be doing a bit of that ourselves, while we are waiting to see who will be appointed, and what the new agenda will be.

With that in mind, LPOG is going to take this opportunity to focus on expanding and broadening licensees experiences with our own inhouse changes. Namely POMs, SIMs (the new stock inventory management system) and the Post Office Portal, for our operating systems. There are so many useful tools that can help us everyday in our business, and it is obvious many licensees are not even aware of what is on offer, let alone using these tools to their best advantage.

LPOG, together with Australia Post personal, will be running small group workshops and presentations for most of the day, which will be real and live, and will use these tools to show licensees what can be achieved with a bit of knowledge. So if you are still one of the licensees who has not yet accessed your POMs on line, come along and see what it is all about. For years we have complained about the lack of transparency with LIPOMs. Those days are over, we can check each day now if we desire, we have the tools to do that, yet many are not even close to that point. For years we have looked to be spoon fed by the help desk and our network staff, yet so much information is available to us, that we don't even think about finding it in our office, we just pick up the phone. If our customers spent the day doing that to us, we wouldn't be serving many customers. So many LPOs don't answer their phones for that very reason, but we complain when our support staff do the same thing. There are more efficient ways to get answers these days, we all need to be a bit more resourceful and less reliant on the spoon in our changing world. 

Bring your questions because there is absolutely no doubt there will be many licensees during the day with the same questions, so we can help each other work out our solutions, and learn from each other. 

At 3.30 we will hold a more formal meeting and provide an update and Q & A session on the ACCC submission, and where we see we need to focus for the next 12 months.