A Thank You payment in appreciation

A message from Christine

I want to thank you. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to shock the world, forcing us to change the way we live and challenging us with unprecedented health issues and economic volatility, our people keep striving to deliver record parcel volumes and provide essential services for those who need us more than ever. You, our people, continue to stand up in the face of all these challenges and support your loved ones, each other, our customers and the communities we serve. 

We are pleased to announce that our hardworking posties, Post Office workers, delivery partners, call centre staff and Award employees across the country will receive a special  Thank You payment.

Our Australia Post, StarTrack and Decipha Award covered people will receive a payment equivalent to one per cent of their gross taxable income.

Our Post Office licensees and Community Postal Agents will receive $500 per register and our Australia Post and StarTrack Courier contractor delivery drivers will receive a $250 voucher each. 

It is incredibly important to thank those who continue to work so tirelessly in keeping the business running during COVID-19. I am so pleased to include our valued partners in this payment – our Post Office Licensees and our delivery partners - it truly is a team effort.

I’m also glad to be working collaboratively with the CEPU to get the best outcome possible for our people. CEPU Communications Union National President Shane Murphy said this payment recognises the hard yards that postal workers have been putting in for many months now, by continuing to deliver for customers right when they need their postal service the most.

Australia Post has not closed for a single day during COVID-19 and this has only been possible due to our hardworking posties, Post Office workers, delivery drivers, call centre staff and our teams across the country.  

Thank You payments will be made to team members in August. 

Reflecting on your efforts

In moments like this, it is important to reflect on what our people have done. Our people in Post Offices have been there to help and be vital points of connection and support for communities during this crisis.

Our Deliveries teams faced Christmas-level peak volumes, with some days up 90 per cent compared to last year, while implementing social distancing and dealing with fewer domestic flights and international delays.  

As a result, our Customer Service teams handled more enquires than ever, including helping many Australians taking their first steps into online shopping. In April alone over 200,000 new shoppers bought for the first time online, and a million more people overall are shopping online every week when compared to the average in 2019.

As the pandemic continues to unfold and the challenges far from over, our people continue to serve customers in our post offices or on the phone and visit people’s doorstops during these times. 

This Thank You payment is for you – you deserve it. Remember, you too can say thank you to your colleagues with a special digital 'Thank you' card to personally recognise someone who’s gone above and beyond. In the spirit of our broader Reward & Recognition program - ‘It feels great to say thank you and even better to be thanked.’

Take care and once again, thank you,