Third party Class Action

The proposed class action that is currently attracting attention has not been instigated, nor will it be supported, by the current Board of LPOG.

As Directors of the LPOGroup our duty is to ensure that we act in the best interest of our members; this duty of care extends to securing the best long term viable and sustainable LPO network structure for LPOG members, a fairer and more robust future license agreement for LPOG members, fair and reasonable payment rates for services provided with structured increases set by industry benchmarks for LPOG members, improved member's welfare and to foster communication between all stakeholders.

With this edict in mind the executive believe we have an obligation, given the advice we have received,  to protect members from conflicting communications as to the most appropriate path to follow. We do not oppose Licensees' right to choose, however the Board cannot condone the proposed class action currently being touted, as the more effective solution to our long term issues.

Irrespective of our concerns, the Executive supports Licensees' choice, and encourages those wishing to consider the option to do your own research, seek independent legal advice and assess your historical records for adequacy to support your claim. It will be necessary for each individual Licensee, seeking compensation, to conclusively prove their individual loss. This would be akin to a very invasive tax audit, or worse. Licensee need to be very well prepared to undertake this path successfully.

To ensure there is no prejudice against any members, or Licensees, who feel the class action is a more effective path to take, or wanting to seek more information about the action, we are providing a link to a closed facebook site for interested parties to further discuss details, and more information can be made available by the parties that are instigating the action.

LPO Rights Movement

The Board of LPOG requests that all further discussion on the process and details of the class action take place on the facebook site being run by supporters of that process. In this way LPOG members and other Licensees will not be misled by thinking that the class action is a fully supported LPOG initiative, as it is not. Any further comments, or solicitations, will be deleted from the LPOG website, as per our legal advice.

The success of the LPOGroup has been through the unity of our members, the quality of our legal counsel, commitment of the working groups and resolve of the executive not to concede in the face of adversity. Collectively we have grown with our members in strength and knowledge to be recognised as the preeminent representative body and as such we encourage all members to stay the course.

Yours in the utmost good faith.

LPOG Executive