Time To Step Up

Make your contribution to this effort to keep the LPO network alive.

Don't rely on someone else to do this, help yourself by helping LPOG.

Licensees across the country need to contact their local federal members, as a matter of urgency, and discuss the dire situation facing Licensed Post Offices today, before it is your office that it is too late to save. Over the last few weeks several Licensees have had to make the very difficult decision to close their doors and walk away from the business that they once proudly purchased. Many Licensees live with the daily fear of their valuable business income being striped away from their businesses to benefit the corporate arm of Australia Post. Daily we see examples of customers being poached by ruthless account managers, customers enticed to shop online with offers of prices below our wholesale costs, stock delays or cancelations, mail contracts being downgraded or passed onto cheap alternatives, payment rates and profit on sales being cut or removed, new transactions being denied to the LPOs, and an ever increasing workload expected to be performed for little or no financial return.

This is not the way to run a successful Government Business Enterprise and Licensees need to stop thinking that they have no option but to accept the road to doom. Licensees purchased their businesses in good faith, with a solid expectation that they would enjoy a healthy and comfortable future, working hand in hand with the corporate partner. 

Licensees need to request their federal members help to direct the Government to take immediate action to remedy the actions of Australia Post over the last few years, that has resulted in a real decline of our income and the commercial value of our businesses. We seek a restoration of the Licensed Post Office Network to a healthy and viable essential community service throughout the entire country. Licensees and the Australian public need a vital postal network. 

83% of the Australia Post retail network is owned and/or operated by private business owners .

Quite a number of Federal Politicians are fast becoming alarmed at the growing crisis facing the Government, as more and more LPOs decline in profitability. The more Politicians that are made aware of the urgency of the remedy needed, the more LPOs that can be saved, and Licensees may again see a fair and reasonable financial return for their efforts.

Make your contribution to this effort to keep the LPO network alive. Don't rely on someone else to do this, help yourself by helping LPOG.

Talk to your neighbouring Licensees and ask them to help raise this issue to the top of the priority list of every member of the Government and the Independents.

Write to your own Federal member using the example below.

Letter to your Member of Parliament (Name)


Dear …Federal Member

I am writing to request an urgent meeting to discuss serious financial issues being experienced by local Licensed Post Office operators. With the very real prospect of post offices in this area having to close our doors, I would like to bring a deputation of four or five fellow post office licensees from across your electorate to explain the current issues and possible solutions.

Without urgent action, the rate of closures of post offices throughout Australia will accelerate, and something people see as a fundamental service to be provided by the Australian Government will be lost. As Australia Post is a Government Business Enterprise, in which the Commonwealth of Australia is the sole shareholder, the actions of Australia Post are the direct responsibility of the Australian Government.

The Licensed Post Office Group (LPOG) has a membership comprising several hundred licensed post office operators throughout Australia: essentially, holders of franchises from Australia Post. Individually, we are now finding it extremely difficult to continue operating. Licensees are small business owners, usually mums and dads, who have invested billions of dollars of their personal funds in what was once a very safe and secure blue ribbon franchise business model. Under the current administration of Australia Post, the Licensed Post Office has become a very high risk, low-income, non-viable lemon. Licensees are faced with the prospect of injecting more personal funds into the business to keep the doors open, or closing the door and walking away.

I look forward to your early advice regarding a meeting on this vital local issue.

Yours sincerely