The Truth is Out

If you are interested in finally reading the truth about the events that led to us all waiting for our CEO to return to her job, the submissions to the Senate Inquiry are starting to be published.

Well done everyone who made the effort to voice your opinion. There is a lot more submissions to be uploaded so it might take a while to get through them all.

Looking forward to good sense finally showing up.


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Please thank Ms Holgate for being so brave and calling this mess out for what it is - a political public assassination of a CEO standing in the way of the Government's privatisation wet dream. I hope she has the strength to front the Inquiry to reinforce her position. Best CEO ever! 

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Reading CH submission I am reading a statement that resonates loudly and her treatment appears to be similar to AP treatment of many Licensees over the years. AP is a Company that does not and will not take responsibility for their actions and seem unaccountable to anyone. How many more times can AP lie to the Senate? Fahour was never held to account for his deceptive conduct. IMO the whole board must go along with the Ministers who have also paid lip service to the whole saga. The Prime Minister and Opposition also need to be called to account. How many good people have AP lost (including Licensees) over the years and how many more will they lose before something is finally done. The media need to read CH submission and start printing some facts. My heart and thoughts go out to CH and I can no longer hold my breath that she will be returned to AP. I fear a huge cover up is been planned by AP, the Govt and media.

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OMG!!!! the more I read the more angry I became. I feel so sorry for Christine! Good on her for calling all these dishonest bastards out! I so hope she wins her fight and the Board are sacked and those mongrel politicians get called out too. GO TEAM CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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it makes me think of Oprah Winfrey being sued by the beef industry - she needs to get angry and prove them wrong - potentially the whole Gov and AP. As she points out, she has us, and she has much love and support around Australia and beyond!!

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I have read a lot but not all as yet.The biggest credibility issue I can see is when she was returning to Sydney from Canberra in a car with Sue Davies,she categorically denies speaking to the Chair but says that Sue did speak to him whereas the chair says he spoke to her at 4.27 and at 5.50 pm and as Sue was with her at all times,I would think it comes down to what she has to say.

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so they change the agenda for the Inquiry today, note the addition I believe is the current EGM Human resources at POST presenting as a PRIVATE capacity, then at 2.30 part of the POST morons; REALLY is this to support or hinder Christine

The Chair of Australia Post has been exposed as a liar at the Senate hearings. Him and the AP Board need to either resign or be sacked. How can you have the Chair of such a large organisation been shown up as a liar to protect himself in this ugly mess. The Prime Minister himself is nothing short of a grub to say what he said in the hallowed walls of Parliament House. I have lost all faith in both our Federal Government & the A P Board. How good was the timing to announce a new CEO a day before the Senate hearings were to commence. Bring back Christine.

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The Chair is not the appropriate qualified party to chair AP. If the Gov /Ministers will not action his removed we as a group should formulate "something" to have him dismissed.
Time and time again, particularly at this recent Inquiry he has proven to twist comment to the point of simply covering his arse; This comments border in fact cross the line to lies more often than not

I believe that the Board should move a vote of no confidence in the Chair, advise the Minister/s of this and the Minister/s remove DiBartolomeo from the position;
Surely by now members of the Board would be sufficiently doubting the Chairs credibility, and be finding it somewhat untenable to continue, as their own credibility would be called to task.

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IMO the board seem to be sticking together behind the Chair and are politically bound by the Gov to stand behind the Prime Ministers actions. Tony Nutt may be the exception. We will have to wait and see how he performs.

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Seems to be the case. Not a future I like the look of at all.