WearWhite2Unite on the 13 April - Hearing Day


Show your support for Christine Holgate on the 13th April, the day she is to give evidence to the Senate Inquiry calling out the actions that have led us down this dreadful path.
We are calling on everyone, not just Licensees, to wear something white to call out this appalling workplace bullying that is putting our futures and our investments in serious jeopardy.
This is such an awful example of workplace bullying and if it can happen to Christine Holgate, it can happen to anyone, it can happen to every one of us.
The website has a range of posters that should suit a wide variety of people who feel strongly about the workplace being a fair, just and lawful place that respects workers rights at all times. Christine may be the CEO, but she is still just an employee of an organisation and should have the same entitlements to a fair go as the rest of the workforce.
The posters can be downloaded and displayed in our shops, our businesses, our workplaces, our homes and anywhere else that helps spread the message.
Please help as much as you can to share this campaign. Share it on any social media pages and groups, share it with your customers, your friends and families, your workmates, your colleagues, your politicians, and your community.


Sandgroper's picture

Thank you for the poster templates. Have printed in A3 and A4 ready to put up.

Raven's picture

Thank you for the poster.
Have the media been contacted so we can get the message out there?

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It will be all over the media over the weekend.