Well done TEAM LPOG

A huge thanks to all our members who have helped fly the LPOG flag at the 2019 Australia Post LPO Expos in Qld, NSW, VIC, SA & WA.

While this was definitely a big team effort it would be fair to say the contributions from Gail Doyle, Emeric Charles and Lynaire Poless was invaluable. The other stand out supporter is Brett Batson from Willis Tower Watson, our Corporate sponsor and insurance provider. Brett is becoming a full bottle on all things LPO, not just our insurance needs, after days of talking the talk in every state. Well done Brett, your a champ.

We have talked to hundreds of licensees over the 5 weeks, about lots of topics that are common to many of us, and met up with a lot of very happy LPOG members and non members throughout the tour. We had a great time at all the LPO Award dinners for each state, and might have to say that WAs 70s night was a bit of a stand out. Maybe it was ABBA turning up that nailed it.

For the Expos highlight, it would be hard to beat the presentation from EGM, Nicole Sheffield, who provided those in attendance with a road map of the future plans for our emerging business. It is pretty exciting sitting down and listening to a senior executive of Australia Post share her passion and conviction about how good we are, and where she wants to take this business. And for a change, it’s all about us, the retail footprint. For those that couldn’t make the Expos, there will be a video of Nicole’s presentation coming so everyone can see it. She might end up a YouTube star!

It was great to meet so many new, or newish, Licensees. Our industry seems to be recovering, the new payment scheme has commenced, most Licensees are enjoying the increased cash flows, and we are all far more enlightened about what and where our payments come from, and more importantly, how we can increase them, and what we need to do to do that.

We are on the road to recovery, we have the makings to rebuild and it looks like exciting times ahead for many of us. A few dozen issues still to be resolved, and continued management of all the new ones that will emerge in the future, but it finally seems conceivable that Licensees, supporting and working with the new and improved management team of Australia Post, can finally look towards restoring our network to the blue chip small business investment we used to be. 

Thriving is the new direction. Bring it on!