What Is our Current Service Standards?

On the 17 May LPOG sent every Community Post Office in Australia a letter addressed to the Licensee (pictured below).

It would be greatly appreciated if you could date stamp this envelope on the day it is delivered to your office so we can collate the delivery times of these letters across the country. You can enter your postcode and delivery date of the letter in the comment section below this article. 

Thanks for your help.

It is will be invaluable to have actual delivery data, outside of the official test mail, to assist LPOG to respond to the upcoming investigation into the mail services provided by Australia Post, now and for the future, and especially when we need to consider our position on the extension, or not, of ADM and regularity relief. The fact that we have put 2,850 letters in the mail, on the same day, from the same location, to addresses all over the country will give us a very clear picture of what sort of service standard we are actually meeting. 


Received letter
Post code 2750
dated 19 May 2021

Cherrybrook LPO 2126, received letter 19 May 2021

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Perhaps to get another perspective we should all sent a letter back to LPOG as well.

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paterson received 19/05

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If anyone is so inclined appreciate if you could do some ringing around to people in your states to check when the letter from LPOG turns up so we can get a good cross section of delivery times in all states. Pick a few far flung places and follow up with them to keep them on their toes about date stamping and recording when the letter arrives. It is also highlighting that LPOG is sending out the letter so it may boost attention. Thanks for helping if you can.
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Fairy Meadow, received 20/5......

Coraki 2471 received 20/05/2021

4340 received 20/5/21

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3294 Received 20/5

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4660 received 20/5

2460 received 20/5

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4309 received 20/5

3763 Recived 20/5

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2787 received 19/5/21

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2388 received 20/5/21

2617 received 20/5/21

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4312 Received 20/5/21

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4305 received 20/5/21

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2663 Received 20/5/21

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2290 received 20/5/21

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Oxley 4075 received 20/05/21

lowood 4311 received 20/5/21

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Beverley WA 6304 received 21.05.21. Well done LPOG. Express Post for a regular stamp price. This is fun. Will post off return letter in todays mail (goes out Sunday night).

Waratah 2298 rec'd 21/05

Ariah Park 2665 received 21/05

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DELIVERED 1.30PM 21/05/2021

Wendouree Village 3355
Received today 21/05/2021

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BERMAGUI 2546 - 21/5

Park Ridge 20/5/2021 4125

Proserpine 4800 recieved 24/5/21

Helidon Qld 21/05/21

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Received Bulahdelah 2423 21/05/2021. A return envelope clearly date stamped posted 24/05/2021

Received Laura SA 5480 24/5/21

Received Toodyay WA 6566 24/05/2021

Received Tailem Bend SA 5260 24/05/2021

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Woonona NSW 2517
Received 20/5/2021
Date stamped as sent on 18/5/2021

Murchison and Congupna both in Victoria on the 20 th of May

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Cross section of around our area. Tuncurry 2428. Pacific Palms 2428 Hallidays Point 2430 Nabiac 2312 Cundletown 2430 Harrington 2443.. All received 21st May.

Received Coolalinga NT 0839 24/05/2021

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Geeveston Tas 7116 received 25th May 2021.

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APOLLO BAY received on Friday 21 May 2021

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Have to say I am pleasantly surprised at these results. Lots of stories going around that letters take 3 weeks to get anywhere but we have a fair amount of evidence supporting a much better story than that. The letters went out of our office on Monday the 17th but went through the sorting machine at 6am on the morning of the 18th and were then on their way. Arriving in Beverley on the Friday of the same week is pretty good in my books. Thanks for all the data everyone. Gives us a better understanding of how our service really is.

4272 received 21 May

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No letter received as at 27/5/21 in 3032 (Melb metro).

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Maybe yours was one of the ones that came back not known at this address! We always get a few of them. Will check.
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Poor Service just down the road
Tea Gardens 2324 received your letter 28/5/21
I was starting to think you had forgotten me....