Where We Are in Early September

The Missing Piece of Pie and GRIA v’s CPI.

Most of us would reasonably expect that Australia Post has a grip on the consequences to LPOs if they continued to underfund our increased expenses. 

We won’t discuss any further the bonus that has just been approved for all AP employees, but there has been a massive failing on the part of AP in this area, given their refusal to agree to the GRIA as the measure to increase our 1 July payments as opposed to CPI.  Our displeasure for this failing, although known, is not receiving any traction for rectification.

Payment Review Project.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer much insight into what has been discussed during this project as our participation is covered by Non Disclosure Agreements. As most would be aware though, there has recently been some major changes in ithe review project's status. 

It is fair to say that when the LPO Group committed to this project it had defined objectives, scope, key milestones and embedded timeline with a project end, and, implementation date.  Needless to say the project in its current state no longer has all of these important features. 

AP did advise that they would be notifying all LPOs that the implementation date for the Payment Review results will no longer be met, hopefully it would also contain reasons.  The date this notification was to be forwarded has come and gone. We all wait in anticipation for the update.

In line with our policy document on Payment Reform


Graeme and Paul, and the rest of the LPOG Team, continue to do everything they can to put this project back on track to achieve real and true payment reform for viabile LPOs.

What are we doing now?

You may have read the article on downsizing our costs, and how we could be passing on some of the costs that we are incurring back to their rightful owner, AP

Our Litigation team has advised that there are dangers to our “Greater Cause” if we were to facilitate boycott type action without the imprimatur/approval of the ACCC.

There are 50 examples of tasks already identified that require a Licensee to complete work, or provide resources, on behalf of AP that come with no remuneration.  The process of seeking ACCC permission to (on a collective basis) withdraw our labour for tasks for which we are not paid has been commenced.

Although we are seeking this permission, we may switch all our resources over to the Litigation area if this proves to be a more advantageous avenue for our viability in the shorterm.

As hinted above we now have a Litigation Team engaged, and preparing to assist and lead our litigation plans.  We have identified our legal tests, but there will soon be large workloads and small time frames, as our plans mature and requirements become more defined. 

We will be requiring groups of members to be set up as working teams to assist this cause, and calls for volunteers will be advertised shortly, along with requests for further input and information.

Fluid Situations

It is a very fluid environment that we are currently working in, communications and meetings between LPOG and AP are ongoing and it is our hope that AP come to the realisation that they are wrong before being forced to.

We will be advising further as the situations update.

Gary AKA Kipper