Is your $5 for the Watches Missing in the Mail?

From 27 October people from all over Australia started sending $5 to the Prime Minister to cover the cost of the watches. LPOG asked senders to use a registered envelope so the delivery could be tracked. 

Most of the tracking shows the letters have arrived at various mail facilities in Canberra, but very few of them have been delivered according to the tracking.

Recently a sender lodged an enquiry about his letter, and today received an apology from Australia Post. Seems his letter has been deemed lost in the mail!

As it is a bank note, it is not covered for contents compensation, however a refund on the postage is offered on proof of purchase. 

UNBELIEVABLE! Lodge an enquiry if yours has not been delivered. You paid for proof of delivery, it must be provided!

We did wonder how this was going to be managed, but I don't think this was ever one of the options we considered.

When the Melbourne Council staff refused to deliver Pauline Hansen's stubby holders to the lockedowned residential tower block residents, Australia Post was required to take action on behalf of the sender, because mail tampering is a federal offence, and the sender had paid for a service that was required to be provided under the law. The CEO of Australia Post had to intervene and remind the Melbourne City Council that their employees were acting unlawfully withholding the mail. 

So where is the acting CEO on our missing mail? Is the PM refusing to take delivery? Is Australia Post refusing to deliver? Did the mail facilities intercept the mail, knowing what the contents was? 

What a hornets nest!