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With the right attitude from both sides, a franchisee association, such as LPOG, can be an effective instrument in providing a better future for a franchise system.

In large measure, the framework for the relationship will be established by the culture of the franchise system toward franchisee participation in decision-making as well as the attitudes of the franchise organization and the leadership of the franchisee community. Will the parties act out of fear and self-centeredness, crafting tools of destruction? Or will they approach their challenges in a spirit of hope and possibility, building bridges to draw the parties together. 

If you have been following the current Senate Inquiry which is determining our future, the above links to 2 articles gives some insight into the pros and cons of Franchisee Associations such as LPOG.

Apparently we had our day in the Sun?

Which is a reference to the Senate Inquiry into the events leading to

The circumstances leading to the direction by the Minister for Communications to the Chair of Australia Post on 22 October 2020, that the Chief Executive Officer of Australia Post, Christine Holgate, be stood down pending an investigation into her gifting in 2018 of watches to four managers who secured a $225 million investment into the organisation:

Scott Morrison Apologizes to Sky News-but not Christine Holgate?

This would be nice to read on his face book page?

Perhaps give the Prime Minister's office a call and ask him to apologise and reinstate Christine Holgate 02 6277 7700.

A bit of an edit on his offical SKY NEWS Doc! Its not that difficult.

Earlier today I shared with Australians my profound regret and deep disappointment as I acknowledged the terrible mistreatment of women in this country over a long period, and specifically in relation to the disgraceful events that have occurred in our workplaces and at Parliament House.

I neglected to mention this includes my epiphany in my treatment of Christine Holgate.

LPOG Submission Lodged

LPOG has lodged a comprehensive submission to the current Australia Post Senate Inquiry being called to investigate the treatment of the CEO and other issues.

The Committee has received our submission, along with Ms Holgate's submission which we will all be very interested to read (it was lodged as a public document but publication is at the discretion of the Committee).

LBP EOI Due Sunday 7 March

Just a nudge if you are wondering if you should join this program or stay on the fence. You may as well sign up & see what it has to offer rather than sit on the fence. You may be pleased you did if the unexpected turns up one day.

For the majority of LPOs there is not much to lose and much to gain by joining this program. Initially there were expectations of how much work you would have to committ to the tier you are looking to join, but now Tier 2 does not have such expectations.

We are also now collecting quite a bit of our new customers mail, which you might like to do if you able to. You must have Marine Cargo Insurance, which is available by contacting Willis and all the information on this is available here: