Pauline Hanson calls for Senate inquiry into removal of Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate

Submission can be uploaded via this link or if you wish to post it, all the information is availble on the page.

Maybe some good sense is rising. Watch Pauline Hanson in the Senate raising the issue and putting the motion on notice. 

Make it a LOUD CROWD

Perhaps Scott Morrison PM & Minister Paul Fletcher & Minister Simon Birmingham have not heard the message we are trying to get to them?
Just in case it has missed them we are calling on Licensees and our family, friends and customers to give them a call & tell them directly our message is #ReinstateHolgate
We can start now they have message banks fill it up 4 them, but anytime this week when you have 5 spare minutes will do the job.

Minister Birmingham 08 8354 1644

Minister Fletcher 02 9465 3950 or 02 6277 7480

One More Week to Go - We can DO This!

Just in case everyone else is close to running out of steam like me, this reminded me that we can do one more week with cheer. I just hope the Boxing day sales are not really bigger than Christmas or I'm done. I need at least a week's break just to look at some empty parcel shelves for a change.

T'was a week before Christmas, And all through the town,

People wore masks, That covered their frown.

The frown had begun Way back in the Spring,

When a global pandemic Changed everything.

They called it corona, But unlike the beer,

Raising The Voice of Community Licensed Post Offices

Community Licensed Post Offices are all across Australia, serving over 80% of the Australia Post retail footprint. We are the locals, working in and serving our local communities. We are not paid public servants. We purchase the license which grants the Licensee the right to operate our community Post Office.

Presentation Community Licensed Post Offices.pdf

Australia Post pays us fees and commissions as per our License Agreement, with the sole exception of a $6.60 (ex GST) daily representation fee, our income is based only on the level of business transacted in our community Post Office, by our customers. As such, we are very much dependent on a successful and very well managed Australia Post. Hence our full support of Christine Holgate as the CEO of Australia Post. We must have a successful Australia Post, for now, and for Australia's future. We need to speak up now. Christine has not resigned, she offered her resignation - effective immediately, however her terms were not accepted by the Board, so she is on standby. She needs to go back to work.

Please contact your Federal member and voice your concerns at the loss of Christine Holgate and the total disregard for the success of Australia Post and our shared future for the Postal Service of Australia. We have been previously informed that the Goverment of the day believes their community service obligations is fulfilled by the delivery of letters to 94% of delivery points, and providing a postal foot print of 4,000. However the government does not see it is any part of their obligation for those POs to be profitable, and they do not accept they have any obligation to deliver parcels to households or businesses. So effectively we are the football in this political football game, where each side tries to kick the obligations over to the other side, time after time after time. Christine Holgate accepted the position of CEO, and also accepted that Australia Post must be successful, and must share that success all through the business. Which is why she is our breath of fresh air, and invaluable for community Licensed Post Offices. She believes we should thrive, and after 30 years of denial of that from Governments and Australia Post executives and Boards, she is a keeper!