2 Wrongs do not make anything Right

LPOG has been advised of a significant spike in fraudulent overprocessing of bill payments and banking by Licensees. This is identified by the regular datawarehousing, undertaken on a regular basis by Australia Post, to check the goings on in the network. Once your LPO has been identified by these reports, you will be under investigation, and several Licensees are facing termination, or substantial repayments of these fraudulent commission payments.Several of these Licensees that have been detected have used the excuse, or suggested, that LPOG recommends this course of action to increase commission payments.

Nothing could be further from the truth. LPOG does not in any way, support fraudulent activities by Licensees. 

LPOG - Policy on LPO Viability

LPOG's Policy for Payment reform to ensure the viability of the LPO Network for a sustainable future.

LPOG’s Policy on LPO Viability August 2018.pdf

During the first half of 2018 LPOG has actively participated in a robust forum to undertake a review of the current payment schedule that sets out the payments made to Licensees, for the range of tasks we undertake for Australia Post.

It was greatly anticipated that this review would result in a much fairer, and more equitable reformed payment schedule, that would remunerate Licensees on a sound commercial basis, for the activities LPOs supply for Australia Post and our communities.  


World Post Day

This year "World Post Day" falls on the 9th October 2018.

Why don't we invite our customers to help us send a collective message to the Minsters of communications, Senator Fifield, or the Shadow Minister Michelle Rowland, whichever party supports your political ideals, or send one to both for good measure.

POST CARDS FOR CANBERRA.pdf      Post Cards For Canberra DL Flyers.docx

Print out the flyer and share the idea with your customers throughout September to get this message to Canberra for World Post Day.

What are You Doing?

Due to the recent bargain basement price for membership that another representative body has offered, the LPOG has been increasingly asked if we can match this offer.

In order to save Licensees and LPOG valuable time and resources, this article provides a brief overview of LPOG and our strategic view of Licensees choices in regard to their representation.

In short, no we cannot match POAALs offer.

Why?  Essentially you get what you pay for. The quality of your business decisions will determine the quality of your business outcomes. You’re welcome to set your own level.