Senator Nick Xenophon and the NSW RNP Team

were guests at the Terry Ashcroft and LPOG Trade Day in Sydney. The RNP teams spent the whole day networking with Licensees, discussing one on one issues and showing Licensees the new POMs payment system. Fair to say that was very well received, and much appreciated by Licensees who attended.

POMs is coming to the Eastern Seaboard

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland to perform a self-pay transaction as the last transaction on the last trading day of the month – Saturday 30 April if your Post Office is open on a Saturday and Friday 29 April if your Post Office is closed on a Saturday. This will ensure you get your correct interim payment between the 2 systems in the quickest possible timeframe.

SA, NT and WA were cut over to the new Licensees payment system, POMs, last month. They were the guinea pigs! There were the usual teething problems but it seems that the rest of us will be moving over from next month. Excellent news for those of us keen to be able to drill down into every aspect of our payments. Could be our new hobby, seeing how much we were paid to deal with some of our not so favourite transactions. Then again, maybe we shouldn't!

LPOG Media Release - Call for PO to assist with the Digital Way Forward

LPOG believes Post Offices can assist with solving Digital Disruption for the nation, and calls on the Prime Minister, and the COAG members, to see the potential of this utilization of the established Post Office network.

LPOG COAG Media Release 310316.pdf

We are uniquely placed to continue to support, and provide the necessary community services, that the Government is obligated to make available to every Australian community.

Passport Processing Future with Australia Post

To view the actual EOI papers please follow the link below

There has been a fair bit of media attention, and concern from Licensees and our customers, about the call by DFAT for Expressions of Interest from interested parties to tender for the business opportunity to undertake Passport Processing, and what that will mean for LPOs. Australia Post has the current contract which runs until June 2017. Licensees need to support the current contract by adhering to the contract terms with APO. Its all about reducing errors to be under the 3% margin each month, making sure we comply with the regulations to the letter, and ensuring we are the preferred supplier for this work in the future.