LPOG Flyer Campaign

A New direction for LPO’s

The LPO Group Inc. has been established and although in its early days, is gathering momentum. The group anticipates 500 to 1000 members Australia wide within the next 12 months and is well ahead of expectations.

Quite a few members have requested some information that can be passed to other Licensees to help grow our Association.

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Formal Recognition. A lesson from the past.

I have been doing some research. I found the following article posted on the Parliament of Australia website to be very interesting. Thought if my article was posted on your website it may help potential and existing supporters clearly understand that unless they support the formation of a new body to represent them, nothing will change and Australia Post will simply continue on their merry way having “meaningful” discussions only with POAAL.

Payments for Scanning Carded Articles

AP's generosity knows no bounds

There is a Poll about this topic here.

Licensees would have arrived to their offices this morning to an exciting message on their outlet messaging advising that some outlets will receive the sum of 22c for scanning street addressed carded articles as collected/delivered, redirected or RTS, Even worse, the payment is only for a trial period.

The letter goes on to advise that this is in addition to the current carded article fee being paid to Licensees.

After more than eight years of negotiation on the payment amount AP are only able to offer 22 cents. How can they be so generous.......