LPOG Brisbane Meeting

Open invitation to all Licensees to attend this QLD event to discuss common issues and concerns, and what we need to do if we are to secure our place in the future Post business. Historically LPOG has only been supported by Terry Ashcroft (NSW Business Broker) who has to be considered the driving force behind the establishment of the LPOG.

The Unfair Contract Terms Regime

Are you Ready for the Extension of the Unfair Contract Terms Regime to Franchise Agreements?

As Licensees this new legislation may be very helpful in years to come.

In Brief

Since 2010, the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and the ASIC Act have prohibited and made void terms in standard form contracts with consumers that were unfair.

Are you a Licensee with a letters only Mail Contract

that does not include parcels? Are you being dictated to deliver parcels up to 2kg as "letters" on your mail contract run for no increased payment? There is a bunch of Licensees in Tasmania who have found the goal posts relocated before their very eyes. They are looking to hear from Licensees with the same problem in other states. Or is this something unique to Tasmania?

Oh the Irony.......

The new government will not be decided until Australia Post delivers all the postal votes!

So we have the balance of power for the government in our network!

Time to make all political parties well aware of how important Australia's postal system is to the running of the country.

Imagine if we don't bother? There is no digital solution that will by pass this need for the physical system to deliver.

Lets hope this is a strong message that sits on many desks in Canberra for a long while to come.