Profit Lines for AP via LPOs community service

Community Service provided by Licensees a financial threat to Australia Post's commercial interests? 


"With the federal election only days away, we challenge the major parties to carry out a full review of Australia Post's parcel delivery service and commit to ensuring Australia Post is not privatised, like Telstra.  Local communities need their post offices yet neither side of politics has acted to protect them".

Representation Allowance - Not making the grade for LPOs

Representation Allowance

LPOG Target No 2

Representation Allowance

Our LPOG star analyst has been working hard putting together a little spreadsheet to estimate Representation Allowance based on a time allowance per day.
For example, for an allowance of 0.25hrs/day it would cost AP an extra $4m per year (roughly) across the entire LPO network based on an LPO operating 5 days per week with hours 9:00am to 5:00pm. Interestingly, based on the 0.25hrs/day our actual hourly rate for our current payment of $719.99 is around $11.52/hr – not too flash really.
If all LPO’s were required to open on Saturdays, the extra cost to AP would be more like $5.6m and our hourly rate would drop to $9.25/hr.

Do You Know What A CTO Is?

Australia Post has a CTO, and after 12 months in the job, the CTO tells a summit for CIOs how Australia Post reacted when the penny dropped about needing to adapt to the changing world of retail. Apparently this happened just over 12 months ago.

Reported on ZDNet 28/08/2013:

On competing with FedEx, DHL, and Toll, Tien-Ti Mak (CTO) reportedly said:

"To be brutally honest with you, we had absolutely no idea how to do that, because we've been a monopoly industry for 200 years, so it's not like our people really know how to use sales or marketing, or customer retention or anything like that" .

So as a Licensee you can be forgiven for not knowing what a CTO is, because Australia Post's CTO has no idea what an LPO does, so I guess we would be even. Stunned, but even. Or is this proof positive that we are not considered 'their' people? The CTO thinks Australia Post has 4,500 retail outlets who have no understanding of what a customer wants. How incredible! Surely someone should have mentioned that 2900+ of those retail outlets are experts on keeping 'their' customers satisfied and coming back for more, regularly.

Are You Interested in Adding your Opinion?

If you ever felt like writing to the local paper now is a good time to put pen to paper

- or fingers to the keyboard.

There has been a lot of interest and questions raised in the last few months about the future of Australia Post, and the LPO network. As Licensees we are in the hot seat, and have a very big personal stake in keeping the LPO network strong and commercially viable. We need Politicians to hear our voice. The Government is the only shareholder of Australia Post, and the government should be looking to have this government business enterprise trade in a way that protects the interests of all the stakeholders. The Australian public are the owners of this government business enterprise, and ultimately it is the public, the consumers, who should be provided with the greatest benefit.