Are you a Licensee in Financial Stress?

LPOG is very concerned for a number of Licensees who are in a financial crisis and are not sure how to go about seeking help. Licensees in general are a proud bunch of small business operators and this has led to a level of reluctance to speak out.

Financial stress and financial crisis can lead to a personal crisis. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are services that are equipped to deal with depression, anxiety and serious personal crisis.

Lifeline BeyondBlue

Growing Support for a Nationwide Issue

Submissions have closed for the Senate Inquiry scheduled for 11/12/2013. Many Licensees exercised their voice by contacting their local MP's and Senators which drew political concern for our issues. These Licensees plus the ones who made submissions to the Senate Inquiry are to be admired for their courage to speak up.

Recent support for LPOGroup from Licensees who were previously hesitant to support such a young industry group has been most heartening. Because of this additional support, we now have an even broader view of the challenges that face LPOs both regional and metro outlets in all states.

These challenges have been documented and submitted to the Senate Inquiry. There are also a number of individual submissions that have been made by LPOs.

Senate Inquiry

Parliament House

Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to Licensed Post Offices

EDIT: SUBMISSIONS Will be accepted until the 31 March, 2014




Terms of reference

On 14 November 2013, the Senate referred the following matters to the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee for inquiry and report by 11 December 2013:

(a) the overall performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities, and the challenges it faces in the immediate and longer term;

(b) the operations of Australia Post in relation to Licensed Post Offices (LPOs), with particular reference to:

(i) the importance and role of the LPO network in the Australian postal system, with particular reference to regional and remote areas,

(ii) the licensing and trading conditions applicable to LPOs, including the Community Service Obligations, and any effects these may have on operating an LPO business, and

(iii) marketing, retail and trading arrangements between Australia Post and LPOs and other entities; and

(iv) any related matters.

Senator Ron Boswell meets emotional Licensees

Queensland Country Life Article

As reported by: Queensland Country Life 14/11/2013

Australia Post corporate sales staff are visiting business that currently deal with LPO's and even offering movie tickets to businesses we already service in an attempt to lure them away from doing business with their local Licensed Post Office.


Breaking News Just In - Senate Inquiry Announced

Pictured: Angela Cramp (LPOG Chairperson) and Andrew Hirst (LPOG Vice Chairperson)

Today is the Day that LPO owners will talk about for years to come.

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon for South Australia, LNP Senator Ron Boswell for Queensaland and DLP Senator John Madigan for Victoria have come to the rescue of the Licensed Post Office Network.

Today, LPOG met with the Federal Minister for Communications, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, at Parliament House in Canberra to raise the serious concerns and ongoing issues facing many Licensees and LPO's and compromising the ongoing viability of the LPO network, and the integrity of the coal face of Australia Post in communities all over the nation. LPOG is overjoyed to report that the Minister understood the message we delivered.

Getting our issues noticed.

Following the successful LPOG meeting in SA, Senator Nick Xenophon and LPOG Chairperson have been interviewed by the media regarding the issues that Licencees face. Carded Articles is not out only issue, but it is our "foot in" with a wider audience as it is easily explainable and demonstrable. From that issue we can expand to the gross underpayments over the last 20 years of neglect. 

How Many LPOs have closed in 12 months - Add and Update

We are looking to update this list, so if you have heard of recent closures please add to the list.

Do you know a Licensee who has closed shop and walked away?

LPOG would like to check on the level of decline over the last 12 months. There are many Licensees feeling that closing is the best option and this adds to the very real need to restore the commercial viability to the LPO network in an effort to stop the rot. LPOG intends to turn this trend around and give Licensees back a steady income and a bright future once again.

Why Would You Buy An LPO?

Is an LPO toxic? You bet your Nellie it is not!

LPOG is agitating for change, and that will always bring out the negative side in the short term, but just like the Eureka Stockade rebellion, the whole country benefits in the long run.

So to air the dirty laundry will bring a positive outcome to all when the job is done.

A Licensed Post Office, at present, is the business world’s equivalent of the real estate’s worst house in the best suburb (not just the street). The once fine asset has been overrun by squatters and they have trashed the place. In other words, not much joy. Just like the landlord of the rental property, Licensees are faced with the decision that is the natural result of the squatters, mismanagement and neglect. Do we move on and hand the problem on to someone else to restore, or do we roll up our sleeves and get in there and fix it. There are a great many, very happy investors, who stumble across the worst house in the best suburb, and they usually run very fast to the real estate agent, to make sure they get the place off the market, and secure in their hot little hands, before anyone else discovers the hidden gem they have found. Welcome to today’s LPO land. It is our turn to start being highly valued once again.