Covid-19 Safety Message

Australia Post is keeping the retail network up to date with news as it breaks via POP. We all have access to POP in our LPOs, so that is the best place to be looking for news on what is happening as it happens. 

There is a POP update on the 16 Martch with a public notice for display in our outlets.

There is also a further news update on use of scanners and customers signing - or not as the case maybe - for parcels being collected at the counter. Check POP often as this is just the start of the information that we will all be needing as this virus spreads across Australia.

Rescheduling the Tasmanian AGM date to 2021

Owing to the uncertainities for events such as this in the forseeable future, the Board is postponing the planned Tasmanian AGM until 2021. We would like to have as many people coming to Tasmania for this weekend as possible, but if we are busy worrying about our health and our financial well being, visiting Tasmania may not be of the highest priority for many in 2020.

After the Fires

Many LPOs across the country are going to be facing tough times while their communities try to rebuild and get back on track. Retail and transaction counts will be pretty low for quite a while.

If this is what you are facing the following news article might be of interest. Maybe in your downtime you could make a submission for a grant to help tide you over while your community is focused on recovery.

It won't hurt to put up your case. As with all these things, there will be no guarantee, but everyone will still want their mail.

It is not just us!

2020 might well be going to be a decade of change for our industry, or more probably, a decade of facing the realities of the changes of the last decade that has cut through our safe little harbour. But without a doubt a challenging future is coming. 

And it is not just us. NZ Post is shutting down its corporate network and setting up a version of inconjunction outlets to provide a limited service presence in communities. We have all been concluding that Kiwi Bank had saved the PO network. Apparently not.