Ashcroft 2021 Reflections & Insight

Terry Ashcroft has been helping Licensees buy and sell LPOs in NSW for longer than most of us can remember. For many Licensees he is to go to man in times of need and he inspired the birth of LPOG with regular network meetings for NSW Licensees to help improve our businesses.

Each year Terry sends his newsletter and calendar to NSW based Licensees but his words resonate with all Licensees. Terry has kindly allowed LPOG to publish his light Christmas reading on our website for all to read.

2021 Ashcroft News Letter.pdf

Updated Calendar:  2021 Ashcroft Calendar.pdf

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Ashcroft Newsletters - Past Reflections & Insight - Archives

These newletters are published and distributed to all NSW Licensees by Terry Ashcroft. Each year Terry tries to inspire us all to look out side our LPOs and grow our Industry. The information is relevant to all Licensees, but as Terry is NSW based, the mailing list is NSW only. You are welcome to print from this website. 

His calendars are very useful for keeping track of the year. 



2020 Newsletter

LPOs 2020 and beyond - A work in progress

Ashcroft 2014 Reflections and Insights for LPOs

The Ashcroft newsletter is distributed to all NSW Licensees every year by an experienced LPO broker, Terry Ashcroft, who is based in NSW.

Ashcroft Newsletter 2014.pdf

The information contained in the newsletter is relevant to every Licensee from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of Australia, from coast to coast. We all need to take a long hard look at how accepting we are of letting someone else sort out the mess we are in. Many Licensees felt that by not paying membership fees to POAAL that we had made a difference. That has turned out to be a big mistake on our behalf. The rot did not stop.