April Ready

It Really Can Get Worse

If Licensees have read the latest pro forma letters currently being distributed by POAAL, you may well realise things can really get a whole lot worse, if we continue to let them.

A careful reading of the April ready documents indicate that all domestic parcels will now have tracking. That would indicate an expectation that every Licensee will be inspired to scan a parcel into the mail stream. 

These pro forma letters from POAAL suggest that every parcel will also have an attached email address. Surely that also indicates the expectation that every Licensee will also be inspired to type in a customer's email address during the processing of the parcel at the counter.

Did anybody mention this to any Licensee? Was there any mention of the increased commission we are going to be paid for this extra work, because I missed that part, along with the part that I was going to do all this extra work to increase the profitability for AP. Was the Licensee Advisory Council consulted about the introduction of this product range and increased workload. I would think not at all!

POAAL would like it's members to write to Christine Corbett and let her know we want to be paid for scanning! POAAL requests we urge Christine Corbett to consult with POAAL to sort this out quickly! POAAL would also like us to drop a line to the Minister, Senator Conroy and let him know we have 'some issues of concerns' with some of the new changes to the domestic parcel service.

This would not have been something Australia Post decided to do last month. This would have been in the pipeline for 6 months or so. The stock has been designed and manufactured, the glossy brochure has been delivered to tell us all about it. Now POAAL thinks we should urge Christine Corbett to think about paying us to do the work. I think the horse has bolted. Australia Post has long worked out that ignoring the payment details for this sort of thing is the best option. Consulting with an Industry body on massive changes to work place practices should be at the beginning of any change. Obviously Australia Post missed that part, again!

Absolute proof of this tactic is clear as a bell in published form in the NSW Branch Newsletter which asks:

Scanning: Do you want to be paid a fee for scanning? Do you want to help POAAL in its consultations with Australia Post over a scanning fee for Licensees? Has the customer paid Australia Post a fee for Track and Trace? Scanning at LPOs without an associated LPO payment undermines our consultations with Australia Post.

Where have these people been for the last 12+ years! Someone needs to let them know Licensees have been scanning and screaming about it for all that time. Have they only just noticed? Is that why they don't answer the phone?

How can they seriously ask If we want to be paid for scanning? How can they not know the answer to that. Is that question designed to make us feel better? It doesn't. It makes Licensees aware that these people spend very little time working for a living. They get paid to do nothing, we just get paid nothing. It must work for them. 

The newsletter goes onto suggest that scanning at LPOs without payment undermines their consultations with Australia Post. Talk about stunning!


Further down the page it states:

The disaster of Australia Post's changes to parcel assessment a couple of years ago is fresh in our memories!

Its not fresh in our memories, it is alive and painful every day of the week in our LPOs. It didn't happen 2 years ago and then get better. It goes on and on and on.

It's called CE-Pos.

How does POAAL get to say they represent Licensees when it is shockingly obvious that they live on a different planet.