Formation of the Franchisees Association for Licensed Post Offices, The LPO Group.

A New Era Dawns

Saturday the 23 March 2013 heralded the formation of the Franchisees Association for Licensed Post Offices, The LPO Group. The meeting was addressed by a director of the Franchisees Association of Australia, who outlined the way forward for the future direction of the LPO Group as a Franchisees Association. 

Another bright star on the horizon for the Licensees present, was the address by a Partner of the Law Firm retained by the LPO Group to pursue the course of action to bring about a recovery to the days of the commercially viable and valuable Licensed Post Office. The days when we made a good living because we had a fair and reasonable payment for the work performed, and had a healthy and robust market when we felt the need to sell our LPOS and move on. These speakers will be available soon for viewing by our members on YouTube. We will let you know when this is available.

Many Licensees that attended, left the meeting with a feeling of hope and positivity. The after dinner was a celebration of the future that is tangible. Without a doubt there is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of old habits to overcome. There is an ongoing sense of the 'sinking ship' syndrome that needs to be over turned. However a little bit of hope goes a long way, and strength in numbers drives the enthusiasm to new heights. Our needs will not be met by any third party out there. We as concerned or interested Licensees need to own this problem that we face, and work on the solutions as a unified group of small business owners, together with the skilled professionals that have our best interests as their priority. The LPO was created in the first place because these corporate offices were under performing, or a CPA was converted to an LPO because it was perceived that the situation would support the concept. The Licensees have taken the concept to the successful network that it is today. We need to keep that very much in our sights. We have been innovative and creative.  Many ideas that are now standard in the corporate retail shops were born in the LPOs. Yes we need to address the bleeding payment scheme, and the underpayments and the lack of payments, and the work demanded for no pay. At the same time we need to be looking at avenues that build our network, independent of Australia Post's insular business practices. Our strength lies in our flexibility and our ability to react to changes in our local market almost instantly.

We have work to be done, and ideas to develop, but as a group of dynamic small business owners with a huge personal investment in this Australian icon, the future will be what we can make it. If you want to be part of this change in our Industry join the LPO Group and be part of the new Franchisees Association for Licensed Post Offices.

Many thanks to TeamWA, QLD and VIC that attended the meeting for their contribution and ideas. The opportunity to bring Licensees from all over the nation together to bring about change is a dynamic and exciting concept and we look forward to the new era.

Thanks must go to Terry Ashcroft for providing the platform that we will build on. People like Marcel for all the past efforts that have helped Licensees get this far and all the other contributions that will help build the successful outcome that we will achieve.

Its great to own a Licensed Post Office!