Ashcroft 2014 Reflections and Insights for LPOs

The Ashcroft newsletter is distributed to all NSW Licensees every year by an experienced LPO broker, Terry Ashcroft, who is based in NSW.

Ashcroft Newsletter 2014.pdf

The information contained in the newsletter is relevant to every Licensee from the bottom of Tasmania to the top of Australia, from coast to coast. We all need to take a long hard look at how accepting we are of letting someone else sort out the mess we are in. Many Licensees felt that by not paying membership fees to POAAL that we had made a difference. That has turned out to be a big mistake on our behalf. The rot did not stop.


Small Business Helpline

The new Coalition Government has recognised the important part that small business plays in our economy by establishing a priority contact service for small business operators.

☏ 13 13 94

The success of the Fair Work Ombudsman’s Small Business Helpline is already obvious having received over 2000 calls within just four days. The Helpline is available to offer advice on a range of matters including correct wage structure and workplace entitlements.

The Road Ahead for LPOs

Most of you will be aware of the Senate Inquiry that LPOG Licensees have been instrumental in achieving, to investigate the future for LPOs in Australia and our relationship with Australia Post.
If you are not aware of the Senate Inquiry, please have a look at the web site to find out about this very important event in LPO land.
LPOG Licensees have identified many serious issues that raise grave concerns for our commercial viability, and the start of meetings between stakeholders has seen the first list of issues placed before senior executives of Australia Post.

Senate Inquiry Extended – Interim Report Released

UPDATE: Submissions still being accepted via APH website HERE

Due to an overwhelming number of submissions and issues raised, the Environment and Communications Legislation Committee has made the decision to extend the Senate Inquiry entitled: Performance, importance and role of Australia Post in Australian communities and its operations in relation to licensed post offices - until March 31, 2014.

The interim report can be accessed here (if you cannot download the document from the APH website, download the document here: Interim report.pdf)

The Committee acknowledges the depth of issues raised, particularly by LPOs through individual submissions, witnesses at the Senate Inquiry Hearing and submissions made by stakeholders.

The Committee explored the immediate and long term challenges facing both Australia Post and LPOs. It goes without saying that both entities need to be successful into the future to ensure Australian communities are able to access our world class postal service and the armada of additional services Australians depend on.

Do you need help from AP to get through Christmas? (CLOSED)

Australia Post has established a help service for Licensees who are under pressure to carry on through Christmas.

If you need help getting stock, if your stock account is on hold, or you are fending off the local poaching clinic, or other issues that are tipping your sanity, please call:

☏ 1800 101 318

This service line has now finished, as at 20 December, 2013. If you are still experiencing difficulties try contacting your network Office. You never know your luck.

Please complete the Help Line Survey following your usage of this 1800 service. It is a very brief survey.

The Senate Inquiry Hearing

December 6, 2013 - A historical day for LPOs

For the first time since the inception of LPOs in Australia, a Senate Inquiry has explored the issues that affect the viability of the current LPO model.

Australian Senators took the time to hear our issues, understand our issues and comprehend the meaning of those issues in the context of Licensees being able to remain in business and continue serving the communities of Australia.

We encourage every Licensee to take the time to watch the whole Inquiry (Part 1 | Part 2 | Program Guide | Hansard Transcript). You will gain a valuable insight into the approach, beliefs and attitudes of the stakeholders who spoke.

LPOG opened the hearing with frank assessment of the position Licensees find themselves in today. LPOG members had 3 strong voices in Angela Cramp, Andrew Hirst & Tony Buskariol.

Positive Progress

Olive branch

A Good Day for Licensees

We are pleased to share that LPOG feels that we have had a very successful day on our journey towards seeking resolutions for the many issues experienced by Licensees.

The LPOGroup have been meeting with key stakeholders and feel that positive progress is being made. We are satisfied that the relevant parties have heard and understand our concerns and that we agree that there are issues which need to be addressed both immediately and in the longer term.