Another Politician Listening and Understanding

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Sent: Tuesday, 25 June 2013 2:25 PM
Subject: Senate Envmt & Comms Legislation C'tee


Thank you for providing me with a copy of your email to Senator Conroy regarding the management and practices of Australia Post with regards to LPOs.

A United Voice Speaks Clearly

Dear Licensee

Late last year you forwarded a number of emails to this office from other people regarding Australia Post. 

I thought you might be interested to know that this office has received a number of complaints from constituents across the electorate on matters to do with Australia Post, but most specifically with the viability of regional postal contracts.  In response Tony wrote to the Minister and the Shadow Minister on the matter – I attach these letters for your reference. 

2013 Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct

2013 Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct

This review has now progressed to a Consultation paper and comments are now invited

This issue and the recommendations made by this review will make a big difference to Licensees' futures. It is in our very best interests to fully support the recommendations. 

Small Business - Too Big To Ignore

Licensed Post Offices are the major part of the Australia Post retail network. We represent Australia Post in almost 80% of the network. We are too big for Australia Post to ignore. We need to be speaking with one voice and demanding a fair and equitable slice of the booming business that is Australia Post. Our income has been increasingly eroding over the last few years while Australia Post has been reporting our loss as their profits, and reaping corporate bonuses for executives based on that erosion. Enough is Enough.

Australia Post perform at the Senate Estimates 30 May 2013

Would you like to watch the CEO explain the demise of the LPO. Please be advised that a strong drink in your hand may be necessary if you are a Licensee with your life savings invested in the infrastructure that this man is systematically destroying.. It starts out bad and then goes down hill.

We have Senator Abetz office to thank for this enlightening video. Unless you are a keen supporter of Senator Conroy you may wish to fast forward to 03:13 on video 1

Licensed Post Office Payment Scheme

Some recent forum posts discussed this document in relation to payments for LPOs. There were a few Licensees who were not familiar with this document. If you would like a hard copy for yourself you can request this document from your network office.

If you would like to see a digital copy please access the members area on this web site for the link

Review of the Franchising Code of Conduct - Press Release Minister Gray [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

An independent review of the Franchising Code of Conduct has presented 18 recommendations to the Australian Government about the future of the industry.

The Minister for Small Business, The Hon Gary Gray issued a media release today announcing that the Government is considering its response to the review.