Quote of the Day by VM

Nowadays people (such as the Australian Government via Australia Post) know the price of everything and the value of nothing' (Oscar Wilde). Rather than actively encouraging the destruction of local rural communities, the new Australian Government should celebrate the value of the vital social contribution made by local post offices that far exceeds just the delivery of mail.

Another Super Contractor Goes Belly UP

Toora Problems and Super Contractor

I too had a ‘super’ contractor operating in my area. This week I discovered this ‘super’ contractor has appointed a liquidator.
The company is Maidel Pty Ltd [ACN 104 883 007] and is located in Wauchope about 140kms from my LPO. The company was registered on 28/05/2003 and the liquidator was appointed 16/08/2013.
As I understand it Maidel Pty Ltd had control of around 30 to 40 mail contracts in and around the mid north coast of NSW and had a reputation of underbidding to get the work.
Looks like this ‘super’ contractor may have got himself into a ‘little’ financial difficulty and/or been a very naughty boy.

To The Hon Malcolm Turnbull

It is not unreasonable for the BPR to increase annually in line with CPI – this is what happens in other countries including the USA and United Kingdom so why doesn’t it happen here?
I would like Mr. Turnbull to ask Mr.AP to provide a detailed (read very detailed) written report explaining why the majority (if not all) postal products and services have increased in line with CPI except the BPR.

LPOG Take Action


After much talking and planning the time has come to put into action our strategy to rebalancing LPOs position in the postal network. We are a large group of small business owners who are being systematically reduced in number by the unfair business practices of the Government Business Enterprise that is vested with providing Australia with the Postal Service that we require. We are not seeking a disproportionate share of the revenue, rather we are seeking what we agreed to work for. Under the LPO Agreement the payments were clearly determined and the ratios set. 

Web Updates Via Email Survey

Web updates (AKA The Week on the Web) are sent via email and are an important way we keep in contact with members who don't regularly log in to the website.

lpogroup.com.au has emassed over a hundred articles, several hundred forum topics with new content appearing on the site daily. 

So we need to know from members:

How often would you like to to see email updates from LPOGroup?

Street Carded Articles Calculator and Box Parcels

LPO Target No 3

LPOs are swamped daily with the physical results of the digital world. Parcels, parcels and more parcels.

But do you know exactly how much this service costs your business? To calculate the cost of providing this service for Australia Post, LPOG offers Licensees the Carded Article calculator as a method of looking at your direct and indirect costs to help you establish your break even figure for this service. This calculator is available by request. Please submit a request via the contact form on the menu tab on the home page and we will supply the calculator via email in an excel format.


Fahour's Rejig Needs Licensees Attention

According to The Australian, Sept 25, page 19 (Business sector) Australia Post has managed to raise the return on equity to 18.7% in the 2012 financial year from 14.1% in 2009, the year Ahmed took over. Over the past 2 years the operating losses on the regulated businesses has fallen from $123m to $148m, while profit on the non-regulated business have increased from $451m to $545.6m.