April Ready

It Really Can Get Worse

If Licensees have read the latest pro forma letters currently being distributed by POAAL, you may well realise things can really get a whole lot worse, if we continue to let them.

A careful reading of the April ready documents indicate that all domestic parcels will now have tracking. That would indicate an expectation that every Licensee will be inspired to scan a parcel into the mail stream. 

These pro forma letters from POAAL suggest that every parcel will also have an attached email address. Surely that also indicates the expectation that every Licensee will also be inspired to type in a customer's email address during the processing of the parcel at the counter.

A Political Year

An election in September is great news for Licensees. There is hundreds of politicians looking for votes and now is the time to use our combined force to move our mountain.

Over the last 18 months Senator Eric Abetz (Leader of the Opposition in the Australian
Senate  and part of the Tasmanian Liberal Senate Team) has been looking very closely at the plight of the Licensed Post Office. He has raised many of our issues at the Senate Estimates hearings, and has had some measure of success assisting individual Licensees who were up against the wall.