Submissions to the Senate Inquiry for future of Australia Post's Delivery Services

Once again Licensees have the opportunity to voice their opinions, or raise their concerns, regarding the future direction of the business that we are so heavily invested in. Over the past 10 years, as part of the retail arm of Australia Post, we have been forced to adjust our business model to meet the changing needs of our communities. It is now the time for the delivery side of the business to look to meeting the changing needs of our customers.

Seeking Support for a Sustainable Business Model

LPOG invites concerned Licensee to contact your Federal Member, and your State Senators, to seek support for the Temporary Regularatory Relief Legislation. The Legislation will allow Australia Post to better position the business to manage the next peak period which will be coming up very quickly.

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Supporting Temporary Regulatory Relief - How It affects LPOs


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LPOGroup recommends Licensees contact their local Federal Member to add your voice to support the move to improve the utilisation of the Postal Delivery arm of Australia Post. To allow Australia Post to move forward and remain viable for the future.

Continuing to pay the same pay to employees that do not have the same amount of work to do, yet refusing to find other ways for those employees to be productive in other ways, is not the way to ensure a robust and economically sound business moving forward. As investors in this business this must be called out for what it is, an absolute waste of our resources.

There is little doubt most LPOs have experienced change over the past decade, but the last 3 months has seen rapid change piling in on top of us, in the form of more and more parcels all over Australia. Most Licensees have had to work out very quickly how we adjust to these changes on the fly, because the parcels just kept coming in over the counters and the flow did not diminish to what we had previously expected. We are once again facing an increased need to adjust because Christmas is not so far away, and that is our next expected peak period.

With that in mind Australia Post management has taken the very necessary steps to address the underutilised Posties service delivering letters to our residential addresses in metro areas, in an effort to get ahead of the next peak, and the future growth areas for the business.

Licensees have invested billions of dollars of our personal funds into this business, and we have every right to expect the management of Australia Post to best utilised the resources of the business, to provide the best outcomes for all the stakeholders in this business, not just the employee arm of this business. Licensees have long called for a retainer payment to compensate for when we experience downtimes, when our door are required to remain wide open as per our agreement, our overheads continue to accrue and that does not change, but our foot traffic is no where to be seen and our revenue diminishes as we wait at the counter for a customer to appear. There has been no appetite from any sector of the business, nor any Government of the day for such compensation payments, most especially the Unions. The cry is always - there is no money!

If this waste of resources is going on all over the employed arm of the business, there is little wonder there is no money!

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GRIA Increase usually announced End of MAY

So if you have received notification from POAAL that the increase is fixed and will be paid by Australia Post from 1 July, don't believe everything you read.

According to Australia Post, there is no determination on any agreed increase %. In light of that confirmation, it would be best to wait until we have a formal announcement from the Fair Work Commission before counting any chickens.