Stock Delays and Credit Extensions

LPOG has requested Australia Post address the financial impact of the delay in getting our stock to us during these interesting times. Many of us have stock sitting in the back log, or in some cases, stock ordered early last month has just arrived, leaving a very short timeframe to cash it in, and pay for it on the 24th. In order to address this problem, not of our making, LPOG has requested Australia Post assist with extension to the payment terms. As per the following, that has been agreed to. If you need to take up this extension offer, please see information on the process below.

Local Business Partner Program - Is this for You?

During the February and March LEEP rounds, Licensees were expecting to see the LBP presentation which just may well be the next big thing for many Licensees. Unfortunately Covid-19 interrupted the LEEPs rounds, and then everything else has been interrupted since.

As a consequence LPOG requested that the LBP presentation be made available via video, so Licensees that were not able to attend their LEEPs, could see the presentation and start thinking about how this can assist us to grow our business when we are back to normal.

The LBP program is to upskill Licensees and Australia Post Corporate staff to enhance our customers experience, as such to view the video of the LEEP presentation you will need to log into the LPOG members area on this site.

If you are not a member of LPOG, you can also view the LEEP presentation video on the Australia Post LPO Events facebook page. Many of the past LPO Expos, and LEEP presentations, have been posted previously to this page, so you may already be registered in that group. If you are not a member of that group, just ask to join and provide your WCC and name and you will be accepted. Likewise it is also available on the LPOs United facebook group. 

They have a lot more bandwidth than we do.

Jobkeeper Payment - Information Sheet

This will be a great relief to many of us

Jobkeeper Payment - Information sheet for Employers

And for information for Employees

Germ Screens

Australia Post has sourced sneeze screens for every retail outlet across Australia and 1,000 will be on their way to outlets starting tonight. First up will be WA, Qld and NT. The next dispatch will be to the rest of the states. Hopefully we should all have them in place soon. The sneeze screens are being provided at no cost to Licensees. They are peel and stick, so will be self installed.

Acrylic Screens on the way

Just had approval to announce that Australia Post has sourced a mass roll out of acrylic screens for every terminal in the network FREE OF CHARGE.

The best solution for the long haul, and far better than hand sanitizer and masks. The prototype was installed today in an LPO in Melbourne to make sure it’s a good solution.

Covid-19 Emergency Management Plan for LPOs

The following document has been developed by one of our members for the benefit of the LPO network.

Covid-19 Emergency Mgt Plan for LPOs.pdf

Scott stated "I went looking for what other retail orgs are saying to their retailers, and the simple brutal honestly of the Pharmacy Guild Covid19 Emergency Management Plan checklist was a standout. You can read the original, but I have modified it for LPOs (attached), and suggest its worth reading through. Best intentions in the revised doc. Hope its useful.