APLAC Nominations Open for 2017

APLAC nomination time again everyone. Please consider nominating and assisting with building, growing and managing our shared future. As with most things, the input usually equals the output. You don't need to be an old hand at running an LPO, often a new approach from a fresh licensee refreshes the establishment. We have a fresh new CEO, so the time is right for building bridges and looking for change.
If you are an APLAC member, you will have received the packet for the annual nominations. If you don't recall receiving the paperwork, check with you NM to confirm you are an APLAC member. You can also sign up to APLAC at your LPO Conferences.
The Nominations close COB 18 July 2017.

POAAL Reponds!

They have really outdone themselves this time. A mammoth effort on behalf of Licensees! Simply astonishing in almost every word on both pages. Maybe we need to send them a dictionary so they can look up words like integrity.

POAAL ACCC authorisation 30-05-17.pdf

Consider this post - did POAAL really lock our payments in to the agreement in 1990? And then every year since then send out notification to Licensees saying they have negotiated the annual increases?

Formal Lodgement Done

The formal submission is now underway and the clock is now ticking. LPOG has requested an interim determination (within 28 days) to allow for a more constructive participation in the upcoming round of negotiations for the annual review of the payments adjusted annually. We anticipate that interim determination will be handed down within that time frame, and will allow us to act accordingly.