POB Advance

LPOG fought long and hard to achieve the advance POB payment for Licensees. The joys of the digital world......It seems a technical glitch in the fax transmission for several days has sent some of the opt in notices into the cosmos and there are quite a few sad Licensees out there. It can be fixed. Make a phone call.

PO Box Price Increase

Unfortunately, despite assurances that there was no planned increase, it has been discovered that Australia Post has advertised another price hike for POBs for 2016. Most licensees found out about this via Facebook and the LPOG website. Understandably as Licensees having to justify this price hike at the coal face to our customers, we are greatly dismayed.

Yarloop LPO Not Lost in the Fires

UPDATE: The good news for our LPOG member is his LPO was not lost in the fire. The old original PO was, however most of the town, was lost so it would make keeping the LPO viable very difficult. But that is a problem for another day. For now they are all busy trying to come to terms with the extent of this traumatic event for Yarloop, and working to support each other and work out what to do. Our thoughts go out to the Licensees, and the rest of the community, at this most traumatic time.

Final Process for Approval for BPR Increase Completed

The 30 day period for the Minister to refuse the increase in the BPR expired today.

LPO Update - Ministerial process complete - Final.pdf

This excellent news means that from Monday the 4th Jan 2016 the BPR will rise to $1 for the basic postage rate, and Licensees will see a substantial pay rise for the first time in years.

Ashcroft 2016 Reflections & Insight

These newletters are published and distributed to all NSW Licensees by Terry Ashcroft. Each year Terry tries to inspire us all to look out side our LPOs and grow our Industry. The information is relevant to all Licensees, but as Terry is NSW based, the mailing list is NSW only. You are welcome to print from this website. 

His calendar this year is great. 

2016 Newsletter

LPO BPR linked payrise from 4 Jan 2016 - an extra $75,000 per year?

Download Newsletter Here:  Terry Ashcroft 2016 newsletter.pdf

Terry Ashcroft Annual Calendar : Terry Ashcroft_Calendar 2016.pdf

Are You in F Troop?

LPOG is looking to find you, because you are facing a very bleak future, and you need to come in and help figure out the solutions for your version of LPO, if you want to survive.
According to the PIP Report V.2 there is 155 LPOs that are in Category F - affectionately known as F Troop.

This is the only category of LPOs that have not had any increase in parcel payments from the much publicized recent increases. F Troop LPOs deliver every parcel for their area for the grand pittance of the POB scanning payment.

So are you in F Troop? If so please contact admin@lpogroup.com.au and help contribute to finding urgent solutions for your survival.

Merry Christmas and a Much Better New Year

With just 1 week to go before the Christmas break, LPOG wish all Licensees, and our AP colleagues, the best Merry Christmas and an even better New Year.

It has been a long tough road for many Licensee over the last few years. The increased parcel payments for many LPOs are starting to have a positive impact on the financial stress. The BPR will lift to $1 on the 4th Jan 2016 and many LPOs will be in the black for the first time in a long while. It will be glorious to be able to pay our bills and also pay ourselves for a good few months. 2 x 4 day breaks will give us all a good rest after the busy period, with the comforting thought of the advanced POB payment being available with the Jan LIPOMs. Make sure you opt in for that before the 8th Jan 2016. Enjoy the break one and all.