EPOS Outage

AP HQ has advised that Telstra are experiencing some network issues resulting in some LPOs (and CPOs) being offline.

Telstra have commenced resolution of the issue as a priority.

The EPOS Help Desk has been notified and an outlet message will be sent.

General Information for LPOs regarding ACCC Action

Time is running out if you wish to be included in this action. The consent forms must be lodged with the ACCC once the submission goes public. The list of participants will remain confidential but the ACCC must be notified of the participants. We anticipate that this will hapen in a little over a week. So if you are going to get around to it, better get around to it very soon.

The LPOG has notified all LPOs of the intention to seek approval from the ACCC to undertake collective bargaining for our members for our payments, both established, and new payments, and our trading terms and conditions. LPOG has also requested that Australia Post support this process, so that we can all find a more constructive process to establish what are fair and reasonable commercial outcomes for our shared future.

ACCC Consent Form Feb 2017.pdf                        Limited Membership Offer and Survey.pdf

Australia Post's CEO Resigns - LPOG Media Statement

Today we have learned that Mr Fahour is resigning from his position as the CEO of Australia Post.

While the relationship between Licensed Post Offices and Australia Post has been turbulent in recent years, the source of some of those issues pre-dated Mr Fahour's appointment.

LPOGroup will continue to pursue better outcomes for its Licensed Post Office members and we look forward to forging a constructive relationship with the next CEO of Australia Post.

The Changing of the Guard

News has been delivered that our CEO, Ahmed Fahour, has decided his time at Australia Post has drawn to a close. Whatever the opinion of our CEO, he has reformed our business from a business set in  200 year old ways, and created a new platform for the next 100 years of service to Australia. According to the news Ahmed Fahour may be interested in some charity work in the future as he considers his options.

Third party Class Action

The proposed class action that is currently attracting attention has not been instigated, nor will it be supported, by the current Board of LPOG.

As Directors of the LPOGroup our duty is to ensure that we act in the best interest of our members; this duty of care extends to securing the best long term viable and sustainable LPO network structure for LPOG members, a fairer and more robust future license agreement for LPOG members, fair and reasonable payment rates for services provided with structured increases set by industry benchmarks for LPOG members, improved member's welfare and to foster communication between all stakeholders.